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Toon Kurt (me) 2019 by zirukurt01 Toon Kurt (me) 2019 :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 2 0
Valentines Haiku
Hearts are beating,
Bows are ready,
Prepare to be lovestrucked.
:iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 1 0
Pixel Batsona by zirukurt01 Pixel Batsona :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 9 6 Pixel Spidersona by zirukurt01 Pixel Spidersona :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 2 0 KR Stamp: Merpy Holimas by zirukurt01 KR Stamp: Merpy Holimas :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 3 0 KR Stamp: 'I aYn'T ScErD owF YuO' by zirukurt01 KR Stamp: 'I aYn'T ScErD owF YuO' :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 5 1 KR Stamp: Not really Recommended by zirukurt01 KR Stamp: Not really Recommended :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 5 2 KR Stamp: 'One Evil Troll' by zirukurt01 KR Stamp: 'One Evil Troll' :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 0 0 KR Emote: Stan Lee, Comic Legend by zirukurt01 KR Emote: Stan Lee, Comic Legend :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 3 0 KR Stamp: Comic Legend by zirukurt01 KR Stamp: Comic Legend :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 114 5 Jack-o-Lantern Lit Pixel Art by zirukurt01 Jack-o-Lantern Lit Pixel Art :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 5 0 KR Stamp: Angry Pumpkin by zirukurt01 KR Stamp: Angry Pumpkin :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 19 1 Halloween Stencil: Smiling Jester Narrow by zirukurt01 Halloween Stencil: Smiling Jester Narrow :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 0 0 Halloween Stencil: Smiling Jester by zirukurt01 Halloween Stencil: Smiling Jester :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 0 0 Halloween Stencil: Hallo-Weed by zirukurt01 Halloween Stencil: Hallo-Weed :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 0 0 Halloween Candy Bucket Pixel Art (Glowing Eyes) by zirukurt01 Halloween Candy Bucket Pixel Art (Glowing Eyes) :iconzirukurt01:zirukurt01 9 2


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Kurt or "Crow"
Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Gender Symbol - Male by TwinkJinx| Sexual Orientations - Gray-Asexual by TwinkJinx| Romantic Orientations - Heteroromantic by TwinkJinx
"Does-Many-Things-Guy"| Vigilante | :trollface:

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Chat: - Your Basement

Myminicity: - A really old city made from 2008.

"How to have a atom-sized ego? Do not exist. I'm not kidding."
"If i killed many rats, i'm a Vermin hunter. However, if i killed many cats, i'm a Psychopath."
"Bragging your feats is an increment of ego. Keeping it from anyone may prevent it."
"I do not fear people whose superior to me, but i fear people thinking i'm superior to them."
"Never outwit a Devil!"
"Sorry if i disagree with your opinion but does your mustache came from your ass?"
"Where did you get your PhD of Egotistics?"
"True Intelligence doesn't need Ego."
"SJWs are like Hornets, when they sting you, you'll suffer and want an Insecticide called Anti-SJW."
"Wanna be a great artist? Steal everything related to art."
"If you can't beat them, BEAT THEM EVEN HARDER!"
"They said, to win an argument, you must either question them or be quiet to them."
"Never argue with an idiot they said. But never ever argue with Egotistical people."
"Snitches get stitches, but Vigilantes will violate your criminal ass!"
"Winning the flamewar only creates a new enemy for you, that's a lose-lose situation."
"They said winners always lose than losers, make me lose at anything and see who lose bigger."
"Lottery curse ain't a lie. Win the lottery & start a big huge business. uh.... I mean spend it to Charities. "
"Some problems may be your own fault, but the real problem could be everywhere."
"Puns can be sometimes OK, but most bad ones are a really grave trouble to people who hate it."
"Bill Gates said hiring a lazy one is the most preferred solution, because that person will do the job in easy way. But what about an idiot? Can they do the job in a harder way?"
"Which stalker should you fear of? The one who holds grudges? or the other who wants to pick on you?"
"If i'm a bad person and I make decent artworks, should my artworks be forgotten? Hitler's a good artist even he became a real jerk."
"There's an old saying that True Liberalism is dead. Classical Liberalism has no connection with the Left."
"If Santa Claus became a tyrant, should he take every holidays?"
"If popular holidays are actually pagan, what we should be thankful for?"
"Intelligent People are unhappy, Blissful people are ignorant. But nothing changes about Assholes."

Faved Quotes:

(Fameless People)
"Don't troll the internet, or you're going to be hacked." -Jimmy Bristow
"Never respond to rudeness. When people are rude to you, they reveal who they are, not who you are. Don't take it personally be silent." -Unknown
(Famed People)
"If you want to be thought a liar, always tell the truth." -Logan Pearsall Smith
"A liar will not be believed, even when he speaks the truth." -Aesop
"Everybody is a hypocrite. You can't live on this planet without being a hypocrite." -Paul Watson
"The coward only threatens when he is safe." -Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
"Avoid sarcasm. Don't insist on the last word." -Ford Frick
“Men are from Earth, women are from Earth. Deal with it.” - George Carlin
“Being a Humanist means trying to behave decently without expectation of rewards or punishment after you are dead.” - Kurt Vonnegut
"A wise man can learn more from a foolish question than a fool can learn from a wise answer." -Bruce Lee
"Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination." -Jim Jarmusch
"It's not where you take things from — it's where you take them to" -Jean-Luc Godard
(Fictional Characters)
"Sometimes you just gotta roll the dice." -Paul the Alien
"Who cares about shit people say that they don't have balls to say that to you face" -Tony Soprano

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Proud to be Eurasian Stamp by Crystal-Artist 90's Kid -STAMP- by DarthTella Inkscape Stamp by 8eg Krita Stamp by 8eg Anti ban threat stamp by FluffyFerret97 REQUEST: Not easily forgiving by World-Hero21 REQUEST: I hate ass-kissers. by World-Hero21 The 'Report' button is not there for decoration. by World-Hero21 I don't give a shit about winning or losing them. by World-Hero21 Your Intelligence Quotient isn't a big deal. by World-Hero21 Don't start a fight you're not going to finish. by World-Hero21 I'm not going to give you that satisfaction. by World-Hero21 If I'm a troll to you, DON'T FEED ME. by World-Hero21 I can't take you seriously if you use insults. by World-Hero21 This is deviantART, not deviantPORN! by Username-91 Your fetish art does not belong on dA!!! by Username-91 Another anti-troll stamp by HarmonicSonic Don't steal my art - Stamp by Crystal-Artist Stop The Art Harassment. by Crystal-Artist Return the respect please by ChikitaWolf Stamp: Conflict by Harumi-Chan Jumping spider love stamp by Moonlight-pendent13 I love Spiders by WishmasterAlchemist Avoid the dArama Stamp by empire539 Stamp: Block by Silver-Chocolate BLAG Stamp - Hypocrisy by Ionosphere-Negate True Artist Stamp by chibibarrage KR stamp: Luffy Stealth by zirukurt01 Why? stamp by aftersunsets I'm Not A Liar Stamp by AbbieGoth MARVEL Webslinging Spiderman Stamp by TwilightProwler Deadpool-Rocket Stamp by The-GreenGoblin MARVEL Avengers Group Circle Stamp by TwilightProwler Stamp - Loki Fan by Mibu-no-ookami Stamp - Hulk Fan by Mibu-no-ookami Stamp - Ironman Fan by Mibu-no-ookami Stamp - Thor Fan by Mibu-no-ookami Stamp: Robocop by tranimation-art Spam - Stamp and Long button by Dinoclaws Stamp - Lazy by DragoN-FX 'Outsmarting' Trolls Stamps by Spikytastic A Very Special Stamp by Spikytastic Cup Noodles Stamp by pagit cactuar stamp2 by Cramous PETA by NewtonianNocturn Dear Hippy Vegetarian PETA Members by ZoeyHedgie453 Fight Breedism Stamp by Toru-Inu And Before Anyone Asks Me If I Somehow... by Mintaka-TK Stamp: Annoying Anti-SJWs by SomeGuyYouDoNotKnow Well, This Is An Extremely Awkward Subject by Mintaka-TK ''U DIZAGREE? SJW!!'' by Mintaka-TK Stamp: So much for being anti safe space by Azrael-Legna KR Stamp: Even Mr. Conagher hates Pedophilia by zirukurt01 Stamp: Skepticism by 8manderz8


After looking at Deathmaze 5000, the creepy zombie on the poster looks odd.
Deathmaze-cover by zirukurt01
Proto-Trollface? :trollface:
Sometimes Wikipedia has many stupid editors/writers.
Here's my topic about an article with a flaw:……
This controversial post is a real fire starter, enough to make a damn wildfire.

Can't believe this WC3 map bested Undertale on something.


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"Nothing is original. Steal from anywhere that resonates with inspiration or fuels your imagination." -Jim Jarmusch

ya but if somebody takes an entire story and posts it as their own thats kinda bullshit though
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