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It seems that I'm just too lazy/busy to update this, so let this be the permanent entry for now.
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Yes, another summer vacation gone and another bunch of photos to submit. The weather has been so hot for the whole summer that I just couldn't bother sorting my new photos until now.

I must admit that I've been really inactive here, I'll try to start making updates & adding new pics more than twice a year =P. there's just so many things to do and so little time.
I just noticed that I haven't updated anything here for over half a year. I've been kind of busy with work and other hobbies, but I'm sure I'll get something to submit during summer.

Btw I'm still shocked that Finland won the eurovision song contest. We have never had _any_ success there, and now Lordi wins it with the highest point score ever. Anyway, all the credit to Lordi. A real band, a catchy (hard)rock song composed and written by the singer, and a great stage show. Many of the other countries seemed to compete about who's got the prettiest face and least clothes so it's also music's victory.
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Just finished the 6th Harry Potter, and I must say that I enjoyed it much more than the 5th one, which left me kind of bored to the whole story, and caused me to postpone the starting of book 6.

On other news, the Star Wreck team ( just released their full-length scifi parody "Star Wreck: in the Pirkinning" on DVD. Watched it last friday and it just blew me away. I know that it took 6 years for them to complete the film, but still the quality of effects is unbelievable if you remember that this is done by group of amateurs with zero budget. A huge effort.
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Devious Journal Entry

Sun Aug 21, 2005, 6:04 AM

My summer vacation is over =(
Well, it wasn't actually so hard to go back to work. I had good four weeks of vacation, and as the weather was getting colder at the end, it was kind of natural to start working again.

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I've been on summer holiday for this month, and still over a week to go. The weather's been very hot (well for Finland, 25-30C), so I shouldn't complain, although I would have preferred 22-25 ;). I think there's several hundred photos taken in last couple of weeks waiting to be sorted, hopefully I'll be able to submit the cream next week. I'm also considering of joining the Prints program, gotta examine the faqs and make the decision only after that...
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  • Reading: Algebraist by Iain M Banks
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Grew irritated to some of the "features" of Nikon 8700 and managed to sell it with a reasonable price. Felt that dslr would be the best choice for a new one, and as Canon 350D had just appeared to shops with competitive pricing and good set of features, the decision was easy to make. So far very satisfied with it.
I hadn't submitted anything during my summer vacation, so I finally decided to sit down and sort my summer photos... half a dozen submits in half an hour, hopefully the admins won't get angry =)
Some people have been asking photos of my new car, so I uploaded something to my scrapbook. Feel free to look =)
Seven weeks ago I sent my camera to warranty repair because of a dead pixel in lcd. about a month later I called the store to ask what took so long and they just said that there's nothing they can do to make it faster as Nikon Finland takes care of warranty repairs. Then a couple of days ago I finally got tired waiting and called them again. The answer was "Yes, we've had your camera here all the time, we are just waiting for the new lcd to arrive. You can collect your camera if you need to use it in the meantime". I've been suffering for seven weeks without a camera just because those bastards didn't tell me in the beginning that I didn't have to leave the camera there until the new lcd arrived!

Well, on a positive side, I visited my summer cottage last weekend and took a bunch of shots with this ill-fated new camera and I'll post some of them here soon...
Yes, I finally got myself a brand new Nikon Coolpix 8700 =) .  I did quite a research about new prosumer/dslrs on market, and Nikon was my final selection. D70 would have been superior on feature/quality-side, but size & weight were an important factor to me. Also Minolta A2 would have been very nice (better ergonomy etc), but it lacked the great macro that Nikon has. The only real disappointment was that the camera I bought had a single dead pixel in lcd screen, so the camera is currently at warranty repair. Hopefully they are willing to fix it. Ofcourse the dead pixel doesn't affect the photos as it's just a cosmetic flaw, but imho when you buy such an expensive piece of equipment as new, it should be flawless.
Some of my older photos have been recently deleted by staff because of "section violation" (!??), so I now have gone through all my deviations and updated the sections where I've seen it possible...
Not so many sunny winter days lately + a not so good camera in low-light conditions = not so many good photos taken... I swear I will get a new camera in spring =P
... to update the journal, as my summer holiday ended a long time ago. Currently having second thoughts about upgrading my camera, as the cool models cost 1000+ euros which is more than I want to spend.
I've been in a summer holiday for the latest 3 weeks (and still one week to go, yes!), and so I've finally managed to take some new shots. I'm also seriously thinking about upgrading my camera, my Nikon Coolpix 880 has served well, but still... gotta check how the technology & models have developed in 48 months.
Yes, I know I've been very inactive here, haven't submitted anything in the whole winter. Well, all I can say that I've been very busy with my work, and also, my camera behaves very badly when the lighting is not optimal, hence no winter photos. Hopefully I will become more active now as the spring is approaching...
Just a couple of days ago I whined how dark and depressing the weather is... well, now it's been snowing 3 days straight, so although the darkness comes early, all the snow gives the surroundings quite a nice whiteness.
Just a couple of days ago I whined how dark and depressing the weather is... well, now it's been snowing 3 days straight, so although the darkness comes early, all the snow gives the surroundings quite a nice whiteness.
Yes, the autumn has come. Rain, darkness and dead leaves.
But on the other hand, colorful trees just waiting to be photographed.