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"Flying archer" - Done for the Lucadian Chronicles card game, property of Dark Roast Entertainment. The client wanted a steampunk flying archer. I thought it would be cool to explore an African themed design. I'm glad they let me go with it. (c) Dark Roast Entertainment 2013
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Very cool archer design! Definitely not something I have seen done before. The mechanical wings are very, very awesomely done, and the archer herself looks both beautiful and fierce, definitely the type of lady one does not want to get on the bad side of. Love it! The costume design for her is very lovely too, and has a certain Persian vibe to it that I like quite a bit. Very good detailing on her braids too I see! The myriad birds in the background are an interesting contrast to the flying archer herself... sort of "those are birds in flight... and this is a beautiful woman in flight" which is also kind of a contrast between things of nature and things made by humanity, which can sometimes be a very fitting musing for a steampunk setting. The mountains below look very desolate and barren, and the clouds a tiny bit stormy... so there are a lot of details to this image that really are outstanding and add a lot to the scene and the mood it sets. The design of the bow is excellent too! It is a very steampunk-style weapon, and looks totally natural in the lady's hands, like it is a weapon she has been using for many years and is very skilled and confident with it. So many good things about this painting! Certainly one to be faved. :D