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May 18, 2017
Future Cape Town by Zirngibl
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This was created for Chad Lesch's master's thesis at the OCAD University Inclusive Design department. The aim was to envision a unified Cape Town, approximately 150 years in the future, centered around the concept of "ubuntu." The image was used to inspire other artists such as fashion designers and musicians, as part of the same project. 

Some notes on it: 
This was primarily designed to be printed large and viewed up close in an exhibt. I wanted people to linger on it, and sacrificed the quick read for the details. 
I modeled much of this in 3DS Max, rendered in Mental Ray, and put a lot of 2D finish work into it using Photoshop.

A statement for it: 
The city's priority is sustainability, reflecting the nurturing aspects of nature in alignment with the conservationist values of its South African population. It also celebrates indigenous art, taking inspiration from mandalas, vibrant color, and fractal recursion. The coast has been reshaped in the spirit of the Dutch, in response to rising sea levels and more severe storms.

Large artificial islands allow for common gathering places for culture and commerce, some permanently anchored and others transient. Solar energy is taken in part from large artificial trees above dense structures, which also function as docks for swarms of autonomous courier drones. Vertical farming and aquaponics are applied where possible, minimizing distance transportation and enabling local solidarity.
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as a result of global warming, not only will the ocean level rise,the atmosphere will be 5 times larger. cities will change, but how the person himself will change? there will be more protection from uv and asteroids, insects will become big, and what will people be like at 5 atmospheres?

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As a South African, this is truly amazing to see.

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Very nice work

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good job♡(੭❛▿❛(❛▿❛ॢ๑)♡
Wonderful work!
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Wonderful work, congrats with your well deserved DD
AMAZING~! <3 <3 <3 
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nicely done dude being from Cape Town and all
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Amazing! It's so beautiful city!  Great work! :love:
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:o (Eek) Ohhh. this is so amazing!!!:happybounce: 
Amazing, amazing, amazing, greeting from Uruguay
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An overtly optimistic view of the future. 
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Thanks, the client did want something that was positive.  I tend to pretend I'm *in* places I'm painting, so designing positive futures tends to help keep me engaged, hehe.  There are SO many dystopias out there that it's nice to help create a balance.  
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Congrats on the DD, this is breathtaking! :happybounce:
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