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Curvy stamp

By Zireael00
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As you see.
I have nothing to say.
Related to Non XS stamp.

:+fav: me if you want to use it.

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Niesiona falą weny, która popchnęła mnie do stworzenia tego znaczka, napisałam tego posta na blogu.
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5' and 120lbs. BMI=Normal.
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Curves are not the same as fat rolls.
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I'm skinny but I have curves ;)
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Not saying this to you directly but there is a fine line between curvy and being honest with yourself.Some girls are morbidly obese but still claim they are curvy.
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I agree! I'm petite with curves, but if I say just curvy, they'll think I'm using it for fat.
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Dear people who call us girls "fat",
I'm sorry, I didn't know the size of my jeans,
my weight, or my bra size determined who I was.
So stop using the term "fat"
Use the NEW "F-word"!
Cuz that's what we are.
Curvy and Fabulous 4EVER!!!
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This stamp was made for me.Instant fav.
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eh, you know what they say: real women have curves. But I know the feeling, there's this little ghetto rat (who in reality is a rich little white boy) who always makes pig noises when he passes me. I used to pile drive his head, but know I just ignore him. He's just not worth the muscle power.
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hehe i am fat but i am still gonna put it as my stamp
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curves are what makes you a woman ^^
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I'm curvy too! The curves just go inward on me. :(
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It took me so long to realize this about myself. <3
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Yes, yes, and YES!
VIKOBELO's avatar
yes! curves for the win! :love:
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i so agree! about time someone did a stamp like this!! im curvy and proud! but not fat ;D
simplypirate's avatar
Thank you for making this! I have when I say 'I'm curvy' online and people take it as 'oh, she's fat, she just doesn't want to say it'. I'm a very athletic horseback rider and runner, and I'm not a stick! I have curves! And personally, I'd rather be curvy then stick thin. :meow:
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lols, I can just imagine one of my male characters using this.
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I used to get called fat because I have a rather large behind and big hips, but I counteract that with a small waist and medium sized chest. I'm quite happy being "curvy".
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Damn hipbones make me curvy... Not everyone can be petite, especially if their body isn't shaped for it!
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people through words around all the time lk "fat" and "hate" and "retarded" like any other word.. but those words do hurt im 'normal' for my height an weight ratio but hearing other people say it is mean! so i lk this stamp :D
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hey im proud of my curves and i hate it when men mistake us for fat(cause im not) im happy with my body and everyone should tooo not starve themselves to death cause everyone is beautiful!

ohhh and newsflash:no matter how hard you try you will never get rid of body fat (and if you do you will die!!!!!!
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curves, scientifically, are made of fat.
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OHMIGOSH you must be the world's biggest buzzkill I've ever seen! :iconimshockedplz:
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