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Firstly, thank you very much for stumbling upon my gallery.

I moved away from dA quite a few years back as the direction of my art moved somewhere that I felt didn't suit dA at the time. I used to submit a lot of human/anime style art and I wasn't creating things along that theme anymore. I only very occasionally log in to dA out of curiosity, so I wanted to put up a more appropriate journal.

I still receive faves and watches and I feel like it's discourteous that these get no response from me.

I may return to this account, but these days it is difficult for me to draw much so I haven't been posting much art online regularly.

I do wish to say that I do very much appreciate the attention my art still gets, be it only a small amount, and that anyone who has hoped for a reply back to notes and comments etc is owed an apology for the silence.

Best wishes,

Not necessarily in that order...

Thank you very much for suggesting things for me to try drawing fanart for/of. I did go through every post, did searches on google and collected a fold of references to go by at some stage.

I jsut got a lots of commissions to work on so I have to put this stuff on hold a while longer. Some of the characters were insteresting.
So THANK YOU very much for taking time to comment.

ALSO I finally got a mic to record my music with.

All this time I have used cheap desktop gaming mics or whatever, which sucked for vocals/guitar recordings. I have been submitting a few things over at FA, since they support mp3s, so if you dare brave the scary realms of furriness, you'll find some recent recordings and stuff there.

On I did today which is pretty cute if I may so myself is here: ---->>>…<<<----
It is a cover of Sally's Song from Nightmare Before Christmas.
I still haven;t recorded much/finished any proper recordings recently since I got this cute mic, due to my house being a bloody noise factory. It drives me crazy. Every time I sit down after working on commissions of cleaning up or something, some bugger has to go ruin my peace.

Anyways, if you're interested please go listen, I would like that.

Oh and about my sister... people ask me regularly what happened with her galleries.

To be honest, I have absolutely NO idea what she went and did that for, but I think it's out of frustrating due to hating drawing. She's at college and going to uni soon and I think the workload has put her off drawing in her free time.

But hey, how should I know, it's not like she actually tells me anything about herself anymore *sigh*.

Take care y'all.

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Suggest some popular anime/game characters you think I could draw, cuz I want to draw some non-furry crap :3 Also suggest ones I may want to draw that don't get enough fanart done of them.

Who knows I might even draw what you suggest lol

I'm doing a lot of commissions lately so these drawings may or may not turn up soon ^_^ But hopefully I will feel like it.

Thank you in advance.

~Zirconia xx
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So, I recently visited :iconteh-dave: in bonnie Glasgow. He was lovely and looked after me really well. :love:
We had much fun together, I wish we lived closer so I could bug him more :P

I wonder why I bother updating ;o; it's so darn quiet these days. It's cuz I went to the dark side, isn't it ? lulz.

Oh well.

My sister :icondream-sakura::iconillustein: had her first driving lesson on friday so grats to her and I hear she did really well and I know she is very excited about driving :D One step closer to that Mini Cooper, eh Zo? cute cute cute!
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If anyone is interested drop me a note and we can go from there. My pricing varies a little from piece to piece only before people want different details. You can view pricing info here:…

Thanks peeps :)

xx Nici
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^_~ ;;

It's oddly addictive!
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SOOOOooooo, hi there.

My sister's pageviews aren't high enough in my opinion, so please go take a look at her cuteness~


go go go go go!

In other news, I never got around to updating you all on my opportunity to make a name or myself and to make lots of money at the same time.

I was approached about a month or two ago by a multi-national trading company who deal with art/craft businesses, including SKY television channels which sell supplies of the same nature and host a lot of art type programs. I am suppsoed to be their new designer, except I haven't gone into production yet and I haven't finished all of the designs. I am juggling a 40+ hour job still as a manager with this venture, and also commission work occasionally. I find it so hard to keep up!

I don't know if I can make it :( But we'll see eh?

BUT to be honest, I was told that if I get this business venture off the ground I will be able to sit pretty on a lot of cash and stop working forever. mwahahhaha.

They are offering me a lot of royalties and also chances to demonstrate my products and stuff at different venues throughout the UK.

I also do a lot of Furry stuff now for people, and have settled in over at furaffinity.
But, to be honest, I hardly update there either recently, becase I am pretty busy working and going out etc.

My Birthday is coming up, I can't believe I will be 24 on the 15th of April! I have organized something fun for Wednesday this week with my posse involving alcoholic beverages and probably a Wii. XD Should be fun!! (:icontarou-chan: was invited but he's decined, wonder why??? lol poor guy!)

This summer I also plan to go to a WoW meet up so that'll be good fun! I'll be the youngest there though... eep. And the only girl... I think I may be in trouble here. :P

I seriously get so tired all the time!



Hope you're all doing ok!!
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So, some people here have been kind enough to point this little gem out to me.

This, Boys and Girls, is a competiton entry to Blizzard's World of Warcraft Valentine's Competition ("Love is in the Air").…

The Winners can be found here on their Contest Page:…

And finally, here is my image:…

Now, anyone see anything familiar here?

You're correct.

Back in 2006 I drew an image of Murky, a 'Murloc' creature from World of Warcraft, which I further submitted to their fanart gallery. They appeared to reject the offering for whatever reason. Ok, no big deal, nevermind. Their decision.

But this year, three years later, I am alerted to this image; where you can see a blatantly POOR photoshopping attempt at mashing up three images and adding some text. This, apparently, is "original" enough to win prizes for.

If that isn't adding insult to injury, I don't know WHAT is.

Rant over...

And by the way, I am too furry now to inhabit ths gallery ;)

I don't have much time or inspiration for any art anymore... I am sorry. The little that I do is also furry which isnt that popular.
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You're looking at a new Assistant Manager of a brand new store ;)!

Now make me some coffee!


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So yeah.

My network went to shit and still kinda is but I am pretty much back, yo.

Monday saw the anniversary of my meeting :iconteddypicker: for the first time. I met him through WoW a year ago on the 21st of July. I don't know what made me go and meet the guy but I am so lucky to have met and kept such a great person. For our first anniversary, he secretly booked the day off work for me and woke me up with a typed out letter, stating that I wasn't allowed to go to work that day and that he had a whole day of romancing planned for us. He had me read a new letter at different points throughout the day which was very cute, each with instructions to the next one. It was a simple but touching gesture.

Plus we had cak so that did it for me! :dance:

So yeah that was Monday.

There have been some issues with me lately, when things are set in stone I will tell you all about it. It's been a bit rough lately...

I'll be around a bit, maybe submit the occasional piece. Might have a personal gallery set up soon as well.
I can't actually use the interwebs atm. Something is wrong with my PC or my network card... whatever. :<

So thats why I have been absent from yim... msn... fa... etcetc

Just thought I would let people know cuz there are people on yim mainly who will have wondered if im ok. Well, I am fine, ^^ just the usual!

Hoping to pull my PC apart tonight and change the card into other ports etc. May be offline another week if I can't resolve the issue myself.

I am going nuts with my PC it is telling me all sorts of things! Bloody thing.

xx Take care all xx

Been a while

Sun Jun 29, 2008, 6:16 AM
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Sorry it's been a while since I posted anything. I've been a bit stressed, fed up with things generally. I have been drawing more than I was, but for the most part it's anthro-based stuff which doesnt interest people so much over on deviantart. So I haven't posted it because I'd be posting too much of it. There is a better place for it, over at FA, of course.

I should do some non-anthro stuff really. And some non digital stuff. I need to get back into painting and drawing I think. And chinese water brush.

Been making jewellery as I need the money on the side from working. Fuel = crap atm. Costs of food are up too and I live in the most expensive part of the UK so we're suffering a bit atm. They als cut my hours at work too, so I need to generate some extra income somehow. Be it working two jobs or doing commissions. Hoping to start doing some over at FA, there's been a much higher response than there ever was here.

Anyway hope everyone's ok. I won't totally condemn this gallery, I just have to take a gap in submitting due to my interests right now.

Take care, y'all xx

Bag + Cat... or something?

Mon Jun 2, 2008, 4:42 PM
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I am kidding!

But really. Due to my busy drawing lately on the same theme, the Furry theme of course, I have neglected this place.. again.

I hadn't been able to decide whether uplaoding anthro art would cause a stir here or not. But thinking it through a bit tonight, I decided.. what the hell?

If people who watch me can't deal with furries then.. well that's kinda sad in my opinion.

I've never had a problem with furries, despite knowing several who bash them relentlessly. And some of my most popular deviations are furry ones!

Many furries have been very kind and friendly towards me for years. Some of my good friends years ago when I first got into anime were furries. They were bloody great.

FA is a really nice place atmosphere wise. I've experienced nothing but kind words since I became a newbie there recently. For the first time in months I've actually looked forward to picking up my stylus and drawing something, anything.

So if it works, it works, eh?

So for those who like anthro art, please enjoy what I've just submitted, or add note me to say hi on FA or even watch me if you fancy it. I am doing trades right now which are fun.

Damn it feels better to enjoy drawing again, I'm relieved.

Work has been nothing but stress for weeks so it's definately a good release when I get home.

Thanks or reading ^_^;;


Tue May 27, 2008, 11:59 AM
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I have something to confess...



Tue May 6, 2008, 9:17 AM
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I've recently gotten my old Tablet back!

My Ex who is now one of my Best friends is a very clever guy who has a nack for fixing electronics. It was months ago that my old wacom stopped working properly and I allowed him to have a fiddle with it. He's a busy guy in Uni so it took him a while to get around to fixing it totally, but in the end he managed to fix it.

It is back on my desk in its favourite place, right under my keyboard :P

I'm happy it's back, because although it was very kind of Daniel to buy me a new one, it was never really comfortable or efficient enough to draw with. So now it's working agani I have been working on a big deviation to submit. It i fan-art of a Draenei female casting magic spells.

My aim is to practice an odd perspective, including foreshortening. Also to colour something properly with the inclusion of a decent backdrop, and to experiment with textures a little. I've also made sure I have chosen a base "look" to her that I'd never choose if she were my character. There's a hairstyle I really don't much like because it's too prissy in my opinion,  though it is very popular among the European players and most likely the US players too :P

Hopefully the piece will be finished soon, but I work pretty much full time and am also juggling a few other things. It's rare that I draw anything these days and it saddens me that I feel like I am losing a talent that took so long to build and progress with. I feel as though I am totally crap at drawing and colouring since I took such a long break and look forward to perhaps forcing myself to re-learn the key points and techniques.

I will be dedicating the piece to my lovely friend Saul :iconpluns-secret-stash: who was always there when I needed him and has always supported me with my art and my writing. :)  


Sun Apr 20, 2008, 12:13 PM
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So iRO are trying to get old players back with 15 days free...



So, I'll see :iconcamichuu: and :icondream-sakura: in Lou-Yang asap!

It's cute to be back for a few days, I kinda missed the place. The botting seems to be a bit better actually, I think I have seen two bots in my travels. The BGMs for the new maps are also really well done. Something I really liked about RO was the soundtrack. The quality of the music is actually rather good.

I might actully get around to being inspired to draw something as well so it's all good.

I'm back at work... it's really weird. I'm not sure of myself at the moment, feeling a bit out of the loop. Also still getting trouble with my stomach. Less than pleasant. I hope things settle back down in all directions soon, or I don't really know what I'll end up deciding.


Tue Apr 15, 2008, 3:20 PM
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Yes, today I turned 23 :)~! I am getting sooo ooolllddddd * lols *

My sister gave me a big kitty plushie and I got some rather gorgeous jewellery from my other half :heart:

I also went out for dinner with my work-mates and had a good night. I love italian food, mmm~!

I'm happy we were able to celebrate it, along with my other work-mate who's birthday was on friday last week.

Lastly, My boyfriend is whisking me away to a nice hotel for the weekend. How romantic!

Some small updates in the art department coming along soon as well.


EDIT: Thanks for all your Birthday Wishes :D :D :D *Feels Loved!* :dance:

My Second Adventure in Hospital

Mon Mar 31, 2008, 12:10 PM

I have had a bit of pain in my abdomen for a few days and thought nothing of it, as I sometimes just feel under the weather. But on friday afternoon it became more painul suddenly, and through the night I was in horrendous agony, unable to lie down to sleep. I had to prop myself in a chair downstairs to try and rest, but I just couldn't manage it.

I actually blacked out on the floor at half past 5 on Saturday morning, but came round after a matter of minutes - woken by my Golden Retriever, Dylan, whining and barking and scratching at my head. I was pretty scared actually, my vision was all fuzzy and I could hardly see, so I went back up to bed to be somewhere that I could call out incase of anything further.

I got a doctor to call me around 9:30 on Saturday because I was really concerned, and described my symptons - severe abdominan pain, severe back pain, sickness, dizziness, feverishness. He was concerned too and so I had to see him at 11:00, which is when he could fit me in.

I went to see him and he poked and prodded as doctors like to :P and I suddenly had a few spasm and ended up screaming that I was in pain and I was sorry over and over. My boyfriend looked really scared so that upset me too. The doctor told me to go to the hospital right away, so he sent me straight to the surgical headquarters at Basingstoke Hospital, which is a 40 minute drive on some really rough road surfaces. (ouch :s)

He suspected it might be my appendix, but I wasn't as unwell as I could be if it was. I was admitted at 12:15 into a ward, and they did X-Rays, two blood tests, several other samples and put drips ito my poor arms :P

They decided that I was in so much pain that I ought to have more tests before they took me to theater. They thought it was might be my appendix after the final tests, but still weren't sure! I was due into theater anytime, but there was an emergency heart graft happening for 10 hours before I got into surgery. Finally went under anaesthetic at about 10:30 and came around again at about 2:30 this morning.

It transpired that they'd removed my appendix becasue it was inflamed, but the main thing wrong was ovarian cysts. One cyst had ruptured/burst and leaked into my abdomen so I was very unwell due to that. I as so sick when I woke up, the first thing I rmeember waking up was being told I was a good girl for aiming for a bowl lol!

All is alright, but I am off work for 2 weeks now to recovery and it's comfortable for me to sit up otherwise lying down makes me sore and sick. I guess it's because everything is traumatized so stretching the tissue and muscle is bad for me. Thought I'd tell you all the drama!

Off to be high on drugs now weee!

Devious Journal Entry

Sat Feb 2, 2008, 4:04 PM

Last week saw the 6 month anniversary of my relationship :D
Cannot believe it has been that long since I gained such a special person in my life.

Random journal but hey. :)


Updated 9/1/08

Thu Jan 10, 2008, 8:05 AM
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I decided to try my hand at colouring that Nigh Elf Huntress I drew a few days back.
I used my trusty Brush Marker set, since I have not paid much atention to them for a few a long time.

Here's the finished Article anyway:

WoW: NE Huntress in Colour by Zirconia

I haven't drawn a green-skinned Night Elf before, and felt green skin might be a challenge in a way. So that's why I chose green skin. There are so many Night Elves depicted with human colours anyway. :)

Its my Sister's Birthday on Saturday! :D I need to get my act together so I get her present finished. I had two ideas but htey're both really time-consuming and I've been mulling over them for weeks. I've had a lot of other commitments as well. I will succeed in finishing whatever I decide, I am sure.  :) Even though she is a big fat smell~! (inside teasing, folks :P) Since I am always promoting her stuff, here's her main gallery:
:icondream-sakura: blupblupblupblup...


God I love this song. Keane songs are so sweet <3 Your Eyes Open is probably my favourite track. It also reminds me of someone special for some reason :P :iconpluns-secret-stash: