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How and where do I start with this?

I do not want anyone taking this personally and thinking that I am targeting them with this journal. This is just me saying how I feel and my actions for these feelings.

I have owned Zippurrcats for 9 or so years now and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t question my decision of sharing them with people. They are very close to my heart as there has been a lot that has gone into them. I do like to see others enjoying them but there being so many being made or going around all the time makes them feel less special. I want things to be simple like they were when I started again? When I didn’t worry about a group or events and what not to go with the species. I love what others are doing and can do with their species. But just because others are doing it doesn’t mean that my species should be expected to be like ‘insert popular species name here’. Let people enjoy maintaining their species as they want? Please do not expect anyone to run their species a certain way just because that is how you feel it should be. It is their creation, out of their headworld...not yours. I myself... I want people to just enjoy having a character... not expect prizes or anything all the time. Not expect a species to have a group or huge following. I personally do not really like groups. I dislike dealing with people as it gives me great anxiety, that, and I think that you can enjoy zippurrcats just the same without one!  I am not saying it’s wrong to enjoy groups, I just would rather not have one for my own species. There may not be many who like zippurrcats, but the ones that do seem to really like them!! And that is enough that it makes me happy. That is all I want. I want people to just enjoy them for what they are. Not what they think they should be.

So for now I want to end everything. I will be disbanding the group(s). This is not to say that I am not interested in one day sharing lore or other things about them but.... I want to slow everything to a temporary stop. I want it to be just me again. Me and only my closest friends. For zippurrcats to be personal and left alone... maybe not forever.. but a while? That way I feel like they are being maintained with care. AGAIN I am not targeting people. I just want to keep them closer to home in hands of someone or someone’s I know well. And to have time to rest. Species upkeep is stressing and I would think it to be easier if it was slowed like this? Less to worry over. Easier to maintain things? Maybe time for me to figure out how I want them. So I can fall in love with them all over again and not look at them and be afraid of hearing something someone is going to tell me I should do with them. I just want to love, draw, and enjoy them.

You see...I’m not sure I will completely end them... sharing them I mean. Because I could never just end them. They are very important to me. Maybe occasionally selling them as adopts.. but I no longer want it to be with masses of people. No more guests unless they are close or I know them very well. Only me and friends. Rare adopts. Posted only when creation juices are strong for them. That way time and love can be put into each?

I will hold onto the master list. And I will update everything that has currently happened and been done. Feel free to still use it to trade and whatnot. Like I said, I may or may not do more adopts in the future. So in case I do... it will be there for old zippurrcats and new if any arise. Which they may or may not? Ummm... if you have MYO slots or trait slots, those can still be used anytime you want. I will keep them in mind!? So no worries there...

I will be taking away creators rights after October ends... that is when everything will be set into effect. Groups will be deleted a few days after October ends. Thank you for reading..

Last words...? Well I’m sorry for those I may have upset. I know people do not like change. But I felt like it was something that needed done. I am usually a coward and let people get what they want without any fight. I don’t like to tell people no even if I know saying nothing will make things worse... but I can’t keep doing that.

I want my creations to be my creations.
I will coddle them like a selfish mother if I have to.
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The group was originally set to close Nov 1st but it will be here a while longer until a few things get done.
The group will be disbanded and deactivated as soon as I, aeibutt ,is finished updating the masterlist and any of its entries! If you haved questions and concerns note my main account DAONTE directly, thank you


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