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Young Wolf

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I've just remembered, I have this one on my hand too)

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That's super cool!

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This is super awesome, but also fills my heart with sadness...
You know... I have a story (in scraps) about Robb getting revived by the power of The Old Gods and having a merciless revenge by killing a half of Freys. And that is the exact exterior of The Yong Wolf I imagined. Totally awesome work!
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Arya took care of that (might be my favorite part of all the seasons so far!).
You're not alone! I was so freaking happy after her words. The North remembers, damn it!

It's just that in that story the resurrected Young Wolf made it in a much more gruesome way. Khorne Berserkers could've been proud of Robb, happen they to witness such a bloody carnage... come to think of it, he would've been a perspective Daemon-Prince, if the planet with Westeros, Essos etc. was in the Milky Way of the 30-40 millennia.
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"Wolfpack's back, causing mass destruction!"
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Wolfs don't sow!)
Great work!
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I--- My heart broke...
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The winter is here
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And so he spoke, and so he spoke, the Lord of Castamere.
But now the rains, weep o'er his halls with no one there to hear
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Well I'm depressed now... Lol Great work!
LadySionis's avatar this a game of thrones reference? :o
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Hollly crap , I'm so excited looking at this, this is super good. <3333333
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Super amazing art!!!

dog intensifies 
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rob is that you?:(( amazing art!
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Is that Rob?
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This is awesome!!!
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ok... this is epic! you sire gets a llama
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