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You know nothing, Jon Snow

By zippo514
You know nothing, Jon Snow
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Hey, check it out)

jfE 88DNmsc[1] by KoterioN  
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this is unexpected - but wonderful - i wish i can do that
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oh my god !!! you are so cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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very nicely done, yet i would have let the blade in it's original state or at least representing Longclaw.
in the books and the series it is a bastardsword with 3 fullers and the rippled valyrian/damascus steel design.
also Valyrian steel is almost impossible to dent like that.
here its presented like some gigantic battered fantasy leafblade.
bit dissappointing
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artistic liberty what's that
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I don't know what this is refrencing but cool.
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A song of ice and fire
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I was so happy she was killed she was just getting anoying....
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This looks so great! You did an a super awesome job! :D (what's that for a drawing program)
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it has been a lost mission:(
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I've been re-watching my gallery and this piece strikes me so harshly - you know a bit of Jon is lying dead on the cold ground!
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There's a joke in here about jon dieing, but I'm not clever enough to make it.
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oh! now that you mention it... :D but I really meant that a part of him dies when Yigritte dies because he loved her so much, and still does :)
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I stopped reading, I couldn't handled the pain of the deaths anymore, fictional yes, but I could not help it that they hurt still!

Your art is very emotive!
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felt the same way...
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did he kill her or he found her deadFive Nights at Freddys 3 - Phantom Puppet - GIF 
He found her dead
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Again the lighting is gorgeous. And I love the foreground and background angles. Beautiful!
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You Really know nothing Jon Snow ...

Fucking child archer  :'(
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this is so dramatical
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