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Punch first. Ask questions while punching.
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She is the law!!!!!!
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This is awesome. Love VI, she my main bruh.
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I beg you to expand the background making this a 16:9 (at least 1920*1080 / 1200) background. PLEASE. The background isn't that hard to make following the art direction of this art.
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Why haven't I seen your art before man. Nice gallery.
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Oh, oh God.. I'd drop being bi and go full lesbo for a badass chick like her. Sorry boys..! I call shotgun, Hehehe.. <3
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Shouldn't you give her:… some credits...?
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haha! sure, of course !
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I love her pose and I really like her face.
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As the angle allows me to see the gauntlet is strictly connected to the hand of this lady.
No connetions to the arm.
Because of this all of the weight must be taken by the wrist and fingers muscles at 60% the other 20% goes to the rest of the arm and shoulder muscles, and the last 20% goes to her hips and and right upper leg muscles
She looks healthy and with a better tone than a normal healthy girl. BUT  she doesn't have a lot of muscle development in her back or arms.
The gauntlet looks like is made of plastic components and a metallic alloy.
But, this posture would be nearly impossible in real life. It's too much weight to be taken just by a hand specifically on this angle, even with the support of the other parts.
Maybe if the gauntlet is made of some reinforced polymer that reduces his weight and the connection extends up to her arm to finish with some neurological connections on her spinal cord...
But bleh, don't mind me, i think a lot about details...
Yet still the coloring and proportions are indeed, professional, even more than professional. Awesome job.
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In case you're unfamiliar with the character, her gauntlets are magical, which can explain away pretty much anything - in this case, the fact that she can lift them.
CenizasGemelas's avatar
Where is she from?
And yeah. Magic is always the Scapegoat.
IllusoryDignity's avatar
She's a champion in League of Legends.… This particular piece is of one of her alternate skins.
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woow this is soo cool
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this reminds me of Comicbookgirl19
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I don't know how do you do this, it seems like you are using only few  brush strokes but yet it seems like complete  image and really good .  
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Shw has such a cool looking gauntlet. :omfg:
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Epic on so many levels.....
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