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Ready Player One

By zippo514
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Hi , This work is for a Chinese Sci -fi story magazine. The magazine name is called <Science Fiction World>, they translation and introduce some good short fictionto china

This picture is for a  science fiction novel  <Ready Player One >

Here is the Wiki about this science fiction:…

Thanks for watching
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Awesome work on the poster
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Anyone else excited for the movie like me?  I am a purist, and movie adaptations often fail, but I remain optimistic. I just re-listened to the  book on tape read by Wil Wheaton and it got me in the RP1 mood.  What do you think of the tasking?  Can Speilberg pull it off?  Will they get even half the licences they need to live up to the book?
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warner bros. purchased rights to make a movie before the book was even published. they "believe the book would make a great movie". I would like to believe it too. Spielberg, however, has been known to make changes to stories drawn from books, like Jurassic Park, Jaws, etc. I wouldn't be surprised if he made startling changes to certain details, but I'm confident he will still churn out an amazing film.
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This reminds me of the classic arcade game: Joust.
And also Pokemon battle framing.
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That's exactly what it is.
Joust is a game referenced in Ready Player One.
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Awesome. Could easily be the cover for a metal album!
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Now, that is amazing!

Awesome work on rendering this scene! :D
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Is that a Phoenix-ostrich?
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This is awesome!! I loved that book so much, one of my favorites of all time now! :D
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Ready Player One is currently my most favorite book of all time! <3

I saw a link to this art piece featured on the Ready Player One Facebook page -…

Congratulations! It is a very awesome piece indeed! :)
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Damn fine art! Glad to see someone else envisioned Acererak as an MMO-style litch. Here is my take on him:…
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Sounds like a good stoyr. And the illustration is very well done, also it makes one feel curious about the story
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Very interesting and beautiful work! Great style. I love it!:love:
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This reminds me so much of Joust...
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Reading this right now. Loving it!
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I actually just finished this book last night. As a geek from the 80s, it could not have been more awesome. Great pic.
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I like the idea of an ostrich mount.
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I remember this scene! Great bit.
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