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Prince Arthas VS Mal'ganis

Fans Art for WOW
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I really missed those Dreadlords they were awesome, unfortunately fans had already forgot who they were...
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Mal'ganis looks so powerful in this one :XD: :clap:
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This is absolutely amazing.
QAuZ's avatar
Your work has been featured here… :hug: :heart:
Buldocek's avatar
it ends here Mal'Ganis ... just you and me . ( and this group of heroes behind me ) Caverns of time - culling of stratholme:D 
Prcalo's avatar
Remainds me old days of Warcraft ..... hmmmm
SilverrOne's avatar
The dynamism of this! It reminds me of some of the epic Frazetta paintings, "the frozen moment" that any second will explode into action.
Wesson87's avatar
This is beyond incredible. Wow!
gyappumusoka's avatar
The mood is dramatic and excellent. It heaves with suspense and anticipation. 
CzerwonyPan's avatar
now you should draw him with frostmourne heading towards Mal'ganis. shift in power and such
Daneas's avatar
This is glorious. Well done!
OrionTR's avatar
best warcraft fan art I have ever seen. 
MissLollipop86's avatar
Yeah, they are one of the bests. ^^
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This picture makes such a powerfull feeling. Let me add it to Arthas group okay?
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Awesome !
Lady-Aquamarine's avatar
Should't he be wielding frostmourne? Or is this the part where he slaughters a city?
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I think that was back when in his Paladin days, when Mal'ganis and Arthas met in Stratholme. Frostmourne was excavated later in Northrend
Hefestow's avatar
WOW indeed! 
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