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Lady Stoneheart

It's too sad on the S03E09 in the TV show
Even though I read the book before, but when I watch this part again. I still feel very bad.
So I drew this picture, I want a revenge, Stark's revenge...
Whatever Freys will pay....

Thanks for watch
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What a wonderful Lady Stoneheart image!  Could I please feature a credited version of your amazing picture in a YouTube video about ASOIAF?  It would be just great if I could.  Keep up the incredible work!
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Seen this picture showing up in ASOIAF Theory videos and I think this piece of art is phenomenal.
So I came to see if I could find it and lo' and behold, here I am to say!

Great job!
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Woow! Guys, I'm new in deviantart, please can you take a look to my last draw of Daenerys Targaryen? Thank you!
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Do You Think She Grows Tired Of Those People Hanging Around ALL THE TIME ?

Applaud fella (Reactions) 
FANtastic WORK, ..... BRAVO ! ! !
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That's real nice man!
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Love this work. Has given me a good idea for a tale in text. Nice rendering. X
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This looks really cool O: The way you use colours is pretty. :3
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What a wonderful lighting in the work! It's really very beautiful :) 
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I think this piece is beautiful. The colors compliment the tone and the anatomy is incredible. The two light sources really have a unique effect on the art. My only critique is that the candle and the light surrounding it is a bit too blurry. Other than that I really enjoy this piece.
LadySionis's avatar that ned stark's crown? :o
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Amazing. Excellent colors and mood.
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Every time I hear book readers talk about stuff cut from the show, she's the first thing they mention.
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Amazing artwork!!!

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You just stole this
Dude, the link to the image you say he "stole" credits him as the creator and has a link back to this page.
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