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March 24, 2012
Ramona Base Set by ~zipple is an adorable little base, but what really sets it apart from all of the other sets out there is the wide array of poses. This is a very versatile resource that could be, and has been, used for a huge variety of dolls.
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Ramona Base Set

This one's for you. Happy dolling! :)
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jaserzhang's avatar
great base ,I used here Naga On Rock
SaltShaker03's avatar
Heyo! Is it ok if I use these bases for personal page dolls? (I want to get some custom non-core coding, and I'd like to make the chibis for it myself to save points)
ChibiRosey's avatar
Used this wonderful base once again  I'm Blue (da ba dee da ba daa) by ChibiRosey
IudexMortem's avatar
Please may I use these for point adoptables?
BossSwagMaster's avatar
can these be used to make adoptables
tactical-poet's avatar
really cool set! thank you for making this :)
used it here to join this Harry Potter collab Harry Potter 
emmers591's avatar
Edited a few poses together to make this self portrait.
Aleiocus's avatar
I used your base.  :)  [Link]
Lulle313's avatar
Used as part of a chain collab C:
Lulle313's avatar
And I'm using them for free pixel avi's on gaia too
First batch
Mr-Braindead's avatar
very cute base!
can i make point commissions with it? (i will credit you for the base ^_^)
pelukita's avatar
Again, I love this! My doll here
puglover3000's avatar
Ooh, this is awesome... I might use it! (Make that probably. I can't draw people.
WindowToYourEye's avatar
Such a lovely base, I couldn't help but use it for my icon! v u v…
I love your Ramona base. I use it quite often... so I decided to finally use Deviant Art... so I can show you. Blush  I will definitely be using it again!


*runs away*
Yaoi-Or-Die's avatar
I was wondering if I could use this base for points adoptables? I really do adore this base.
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