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I am also at Patreon now and try to make my hobby part of my income. That way I will have more time to draw all my comics :') If you want and are able to I would really appreciate your support! <3
I am at Patreon now~ by zippi44

 I will mostly upload process vids/ pics and stuff about my daily life as an artist, if you're interested (ノ゚▽゚)ノ ・:*:
Maybe see you around :3

For commissions you can also send me a note here on dA! 
tumblr ohkidz1rCD1rmdds6o3 1280 by zippi44tumblr ohkidz1rCD1rmdds6o1 1280 by zippi44

tumblr ohkidz1rCD1rmdds6o2 1280 by zippi44

OC's are also possible! Special orders (full color, more characters, bg etc) will be taken as well. Just keep in mind, that the price might vary! 
 tumblr ohkidz1rCD1rmdds6o1 1280 by zippi44

tumblr ohkidz1rCD1rmdds6o2 1280 by zippi44

tumblr ohkidz1rCD1rmdds6o3 1280 by zippi44
OC's also possible!

I am also willing to do special orders (if it's no violence, gore, rape, or any political statements against my point of view, etc.. you can get the idea)- Just keep in mind, that the price varies eventually.
Just send me a personal note to discuss everything. I hope to see you around :) (Payment only via PayPal!)
HEy folks- it has been quite a while^^ 

I just wanted to let you know, that I am going to upload each and every project, I've started here, on my Youtube Channel. ALSO Sign of Affection!!
I am trying to earn a little extra money and buy me some time with it, without pulling it out of your pockets- You just have to follow me and click my videos. This way even my younger followers are still able to read my comics :)
I already uploaded some new stuff!


Please support me on Youtube and I'll gladly upload as fast as possible.
THANK YOU very much for all your support and patience! 
My best wishes and see you soon! <3

Here are a few previews-->

New Year Comic Nalu 01 by zippi44Unbenannt-2 by zippi44Prev by zippi44Screenshot Comic by zippi44

Screenshot Comic by zippi44
..cuz a lot of you asked - These are my Twitter and Tumblr accounts:

On tumblr I upload almost everything  (like I used to do here), except for some sketches/ scribblings. At tumblr I also do some requests once in while. You can try asking me there. The sketches often end up on twitter. My Doujinshi's shall be published only here at dA =)
I hope my other accounts will help you guys to shorten the wait for any uploads of my stories.

Until then, many thanks as always and stay tuned! :3
Hey there! Sorry for the long wait, I was in spain!^^ I will re-start my projects next week (meaning my doujis) and I hope to see you around at that time.
Meanwhile have this amv. I got inspired, cuz of my great mood recently and I HAD TO finish this video first! 
There are also a lot of series I watched and couldn't include. But nonetheless  it gave me a good flashback through my childhood.
Maybe you'll know some of these as well ;)
Have fun and as always; thanks a lot for your support!
Ich werde am Samstag, seit Jahren mal wieder, auf der Leipziger Buchmesse sein. Nur als Gast, aber vllt. treffe ich ja dort den ein oder anderen und ihr wisst es nicht mal.. :D

To my non-German followers, i will be at a convention on saturday (as a visitor), but it will be in germany/Leipzig anyway. (just to let you know what i am writing here)^^ 

Just to let you know..I am having some kind of ART BLOCK and sorta did this video to regain some movtivation and inspiration^^
I will of course continue my projects..sorry to let you guys down now and then. My schedule is killing me^^'
Hope to see you around! =)

I bet a lot of people thought about the crap i did at the end xD
Hope you guys have fun with it. (Sorry to my german followers..hab ein deutsches Intro benutzt und zack! Es wurde  ge-GEMA't..Vllt. klappts ja über proxy? :/ )
See you around! =)
 did a crack video..actually a second one..xD

I never draw for free.

Lemme explain:

When you guys are supporting me, sending me lovely messages, are encouraging me and so on..then it’s “afgdfhdhgju”-times better than getting money and spending it for sh*t, which wouldn’t last long.. but your words do so like forever..

…thank you! From the bottom of my heart!

Wanna say thanks to all of you for your lovely words and birthdaywishes! Seriously..made my dayyyyy(s) xD
I need to draw something for i am on it!!

See you! =D
Yes! I will continue my Doujinshi about One Piece and also Fairy Tail.(I know it has been ages) My friend allowed me to draw at his place whenever i have the time for it. (Cuz i still don't own a new PC..-_-).
I think you will see new page(s!) in about two weeks from now.=)

Also..I think i will upload some of my new "works". In addition to my work I'm also learning tattooing for a few month by now and my first "victim" will be in the end of this year:D (I will show you when it's done).
The stuff I've practiced till now is done on pig skin and there are also some Comic/Manga-style ones among them;)
Be aware!=D

Until then, thank you for your patience!
Hello guys,

well..what can i happened - nothing more or less - good things and stuff, which wasn't that great^^
so i have no accurate excuse for you about my absence.

BUT: I will continue my work here next week=)
Thank you so much for your patience and also for your lovely mails and personal messages!!!

See you around!
Hello my lovely followers!
I really want to support this band. They're good friends of mine, so i recorded their live concert at a festival. It's a little amateurish, but i don't own the best equipment^^;
So please, just by clicking on the link below you would be a great help for us! You don't have to watch the whole thing. (maybe like, if it's your kind of music? It's metal btw^^)

I would really appreciate your support!! ->…


btw: i am back from work and will continue my construction zones here again=)…

I'm still counting the votes=)
Also: Since a lot of you asked me, i will do an 'extra week' for requests about OC's (I will announce that).
Until then it will be only fanart.

Ps: next will be Souleater, or Gintama (not sure yet)^^…

don't worry, i read all of your suggestions and i'm still counting the votes!
have fun=) this one:…

I wanna practise drawing with permannent marker and i already accomplished one request here.
You can ask me, which character(s) i shall draw next on Youtube (doesn't matter which manga/anime they're from!)

ps: it will only be a 10 min sketch all the time.

have fun watching!=)
worked on it for one whole week..haha..i used more than 100 episodes for the cutting..x_X, but i am satisfied=)…