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My name is Brewster, Brewster of Hircus. I am an independent researcher, writer, and artist. Also, I'm a zoologist in training. I have a keen interest in Eastern European and African culture alongside World War I and II, firearms, paleontology, evolution, and Chernobyl.

I am an avid gamer. I prefer to play older games as I'm not a not a fan of most modern games. I am a huge supporter of the modding community as there are more talented people in these communities than out on the market right now.

~Fun Facts About Me~

~Expert in zoology and paleontology
~Avid skater
~Dungeon Master
~Loves Speculative Evolution
~Fan of DooM, Turok, Quake, and many older games
~Chernobyl is The Holy City
~History Buff

Also, I am the creator of Hircus.

Other Information
~Usernames: Brewster of Hircus, HircusDev, Br3wst3r
~E-mail me at

Thank you for reading this, rock on! \m/

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According to the Dinosaur Protection Group, all of the dinosaurs, both legal and illegal species, of Isla Sorna were transported to Isla Nublar to be used in future attractions of Jurassic World. One of these dinosaurs was the titanic Mamenchisaurus which has sadly become extinct in 2018. The real question is how did a massive dinosaur move from Isla Sorna to Isla Nublar?

First, let's analyze Mamenchisaurus. Mamenchisaurus was a long-neck sauropod who is famous for its remarkably long neck, stretching 18 meters long and having 19 neck vertebrae in total. With its gigantic neck, Mamenchisaurus is around 35 meters long and stands about 14 meters at the top of its head or 7 meters tall at the shoulder. The sauropod weighs around 30 to 50 tonnes even possibly 70 tonnes! So this dinosaur is one of the biggest creatures that Ingen has ever created and there were four Mamenchisaurus before the hurricane coming through Isla Sorna and sudden evacuation of Ingen workers.

With four Mamenchisaurus roaming around the northern sector of Isla Sorna, rounding up and transporting such an animal would be one of the most intense moments in the Jurassic Park universe. Firstly, how would someone round up an enormous beast like Mamenchisaurs? The massive evacuation of dinosaurs of Isla Sorna was the most expensive and hazardous operation by the Masrani Global Corporation as they had to capture many species including their monstrous experiment, the Spinosaurus. The most likely the movement of the Mamenchisaurus was probably the last step of the Isla Sorna capturing as there would have been several risks.

The most obvious risk of moving an enormous sauropod like Mamenchisaurus would be the risk of being crushed by the animal's pillar feet. Compared to the Ingen Hunter Carter, the unlucky hunter would be just a puddle of blood. Another risk is the size of Mamenchisaurus. Remember the Tyrannosaurus's rampage through San Diego? The Mamenchisaurus would make San Diego Incident look like a joke. Imagine a dinosaur of that size rampaging through a hunter camp or even a small town. All the unlucky vehicles and hunters would have been completely crashed and any structure smaller than the Mamenchisaurus would have been stamped on and torn down. Yet Masrani Company had found a way to move the Mamenchisaurs but how?

The most likely theory for capturing the Mamenchisaurus would be similar to capturing an elephant in rural areas of India with a few changes. Teams of Humvees and trucks would chase one of the titan sauropods to the coastlines of Isla Sorna and force the Mamenchisaurus to go onto a cargo ship. Hunters may fire their weapons into the ankles of the animal to force the beast to move in one direction or to prevent the animal from destroying slow trucks. Another way to chase down the Mamenchisaurus would be the use of helicopters as the loud noise and swift movement would disturb the Mamenchisaurus enough to flee from the area. A more outlandish idea is they use Brachiosaurus to pull the Mamenchisaurus to the cargo ship to load up the beast, similar to using elephants to move another elephant in the many rural areas of India. The movement of a single Mamenchisaurus would take days as the animal was slow and they were more inland compared to the other dinosaurs of Isla Sorna.

Of course, some people would question if the Mamenchisaurus would make the cargo ship into another SS Venture. Personally, I think the sauropods would have a small rampage due to the unpleasant harassment from the humans. But overall nothing too serious as they are herbivores and noting would happen in the ocean travel as they have no escape nor tranquilize as heavy as the Buck (of course the Buck was having narcoleptic state from an amphetamine overdose). It probably took several trips even human lives to transport these animals as Masrani didn't want to risk sinking a cargo ship and throwing expendable crew and the precious dinosaurs.

Overall, this is just an idea of how Masrani company moved the Mamenchisaurus.
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