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Teen room evermotion



Another interior for evermotion :)
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It looks very good in terms of CG ;) And i commend you for doing such a good job in terms of light / Design

But since nobody did it i am going to comment on the ergonomics of the interior (away from CG standpoint) hoping not to sound like an arse here

A place for an subwoofer under the desk is missing (Those things are large and have to be in front of the user) placement of 5.1 speakers could be a pain as well - and when i say large i mean 50cm high and 50cm deep and 40cm wide, thats the AVERAGE size of a decent sub

- Aside that, from an ergonomic standpoint a desk like that will give the poor teen RSI within 3 years when it has to type a lengthy homework - the lower put keyboard / mouse are bad ergonomics

What i mean is this - [link] - (linked from google images ,p)

Anyhow - I hope i didn't come across like an ass ,p The rendering is great as well as the modeling