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Sea Bathroom

New one for evermotion :)
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I know you created this but I swear this looks like a HD photo of a bathroom at some resort on a tropical island. The lighting, the detail level of the different textures and shading of every element looks so naturally realistic that it's incredible. Nice work on getting all these details to blend so naturally perfect together.
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(: This is amazing.
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Gorgeous. I would love to live here. ;)
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omg, this is so perfect!
i totally fell n love with this image o.o
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Ah... the smell of ocean. Yum :P
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wish i had home in a place like that :)
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That might be good but rising sea level issues might make me think twice.
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its on a high cliff so no worries there :)
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bardzo dobrze, who doesn't love this bath
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the shower needs cutrains :D
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just kidding your work is amazing! :D
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i want one
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Amazing work indeed.
I am know were as good as you but I will give one critique if you don't mind as I have built many houses the only thing I see is the shower head and controls you can't se them as good as the outside ones and thats not right in my opinion but that is only my opinion and this is from a builders point of view. amazing work still!
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thanks :) why isnt that good btw?
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no prob!
Well I think you should be able to see them better in a real bathroom you can see them better but that's just me and it is your bathroom still it is amazing!
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well maybe ure right im not an expert in that field :)
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no big deal it's just me but its a visual thing to me so don't worry about it its the builder in me that's the first thing i saw in the wall but no biggie was just try to help out a bit still awesome work
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You never cease to amaze me with your works. A real dash of inspiration!
Beautifully rendered and created!
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You're welcome!
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It's really great render but... i hope this windown will not break, meaby you have a bit problem when you'll take a shower xDD
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