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Kitchen 2 - Lipinscy

By zipper
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Kitchen interior visualisation for M&L Lipinscy
as [link]
Interior design by [link]
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hunterjuly4's avatar
A lovely vision. The lighting is beautiful.
ambr8978's avatar
this is beautiful! what kind of software do you use?
valiante's avatar
like the concept :)
3DBlenderSoul's avatar
I know I can't make something that realistic with blender but do you have any tips to achieve more realistic renders? (besides the obvious lighting)
tritube's avatar
sap its vray?
zipper's avatar
yep. +lots of postproduction in lightroom.
yariire's avatar
jedno czego mi tu brakuje.. i we wszystkich tych wizualizacjach... to wzmianka o tym czyje to są aranżacje! :P
zipper's avatar
to trzeba bedzie dopisac! :P
yariire's avatar
no i gdzie ten dopisek ?:P
zipper's avatar
a co tam w nim mialo byc bo juz zapomnialem?:P
yariire's avatar
credit! cofnij sie w dyskusji :P
GeneralSoundwave's avatar
can you PLEASE write a tutorial on how you light your scenes and get you materials correct? The surface response on your materials are phenominal.
zipper's avatar
well essentialy ive got vray sky+sun one big light behind the camera to the left and im using linear workflow (outputing stuff as linear colorspace) then i hit it hard in lightroom to make it look bright :) i hope im making some sense here :)
GeneralSoundwave's avatar
u must be using max 2009+ or something. im still on max 9 and havnt figured out how to get the lighting bloom to work yet.
zipper's avatar
im on max 2008. bloom was made in photoshop in postprocess :)
spittty's avatar
i would love to see a viewport capture :) if you dont mind of course
zipper's avatar
drop me a note on monday i need to be @ work :)
aspa1984's avatar
very pretty work!!!
e-onux's avatar
Great but it's some overbrighted i guess:?
zipper's avatar
yeah the brightness is tweaked quite a bit to archieve the "commerail" look i was going for :)
diegoreales's avatar
nice work, i think bottle is a little bit big :)
zipper's avatar
its just perspective :P
zipper's avatar
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