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Evermotion kitchen

Another kitchen for evermotion archinteriors :)
flying pen syndrome has been cured :)
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Pretty! I like those glass cabinets. The only thing I would want different is one of those stoves with the flat glass tops rather than raised burners. And also, where do you place the refrigerator?
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Superb, looks just like the one in the factory showroom
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This design have been featured in the 12/12 Designs of week 18 [link]
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This is great,
but you can't have a cabinet over the sink like that...
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sure u can :) ask SieMatic :)
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I mean from a realistic "actual use"point of view.
Anything can be done in the virtual world ,granted.
You,d hit your head trying to lean over the sink is what I meant...
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yeah maybe ure right :)
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The level of realism you're able to achieve is phenomenal.
My minor critiques however are based on real world usage.
With just minor adjustments (like this cabinet and sink relationship),even professional kitchen designers would not be able to tell it was digitally rendered...
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Very nice job. It looks so realistic I want to move the picture to see the 360 view. :D
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Very nice render.
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Latające rzeczy to standardowe przeoczenie ;) czekamy na regiona ;) A tak na serio to bardzo fajnie wyszło :)
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no jakos na wieczor puszcze :P shit happens :P
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love it! but the pen is floating lol, fix it in photoshop :D
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it only looks like it, its the reflection of the paper on the pen
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hmmm paper can reflect? thats odd
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sure it can but this time it was actually floating :P
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well not for signature papers :P
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fucksake :D ill render region... :P
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This image was suggested for and included in The Best in 3D Manipulations : Week of June 2nd - June 9th, 2008

You may read the article here [link]


It is my hope that this feature opens up your amazing artwork to many new watchers!
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