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Orbb 2.0

This is Orbb, a character from the game Quake 3 Arena. I was a huge fan of the game and this is my take on it, the scene is the main courtyard from the map 'Campgrounds/Q3DM6'. Orbb and the map from the game were extremely low poly with no detail at all so I took the rough shapes and redesigned everything else from scratch.

Orbb was modelled and textured in ZBrush, the scene is half Maya half ZBrush and texturing in Photoshop. Rendered with mental ray and post processing in After Effects.

Breakdown at: [link]
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Jesus, this is effort that deserves to be commended.
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oh my holy God yes!!!
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I say you did an excellent job at this. :aww:
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This is just amazing. Great idea to use old games for sculpting practice.
Oh, silly me, you have an Orbb from the front! Stealin' time for mah icon! And don't worry, it's just for personal use so nothing that I would make any money off of or so.
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Awesome work, man!
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He is so grrrreaat!!!!
xxxRavenbladexxx's avatar
Yeah he's still my favourite charakter of Quake 3 Arena.
Awseome job there ;D
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You should put him as avatar.
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(*0*) Can you make HD/2.0 version of weapons or characters/enemies from Clive Barker's Undying? Many fans want so bad for the game to be remaked in HD like other games (example Serious Sam) that would be awesome
Saint-Tepes's avatar
Can you make the other Quake III characters ?
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WOha. Now THATS a Orbb! Always liked watching the little guy bounce around the arena with is "Yah! Yah!"
Amazing work.
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Thanks a lot :D

i think remaking quake 3 in the UDK/cryengine would take years just me doing it on my own lol, but from what i've heard ID are gonna make a new quake game in the future and maybe they'll remake some of the old maps n stuff :)
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Really good work (done on many expensive programs lol)
HOLY SHIT. It would have been AWESOME if you could remake quake 3 arena on a better engine! Say, UDK? or Cryengine 3?
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Thanks! :dance:

you a fan of the game?
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I love you for this!
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