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Rick and Morty_ King of the Hill

My Rick & Morty piece is done.
I really had a ton of fun making this one.

I have also been given the Green Light from Justin Roiland (the creator of “Rick and Morty” show on Adult Swim) to sell my FanArt piece that placed second in the Rick and Morty Exploit Our Fans Competition. I have printed a very limited run of 50 posters for this occasion. I am selling 48 of them to anyone who wants one. Each poster will be numbered in the bottom right corner __ of 50 and signed by the Artist. get your limited copy here:
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Omg! The other characters are super hot
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Awesome. and thanks!
I should finish my next Rick and Morty fan piece. I started it, and never finished it. 
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So close to the 3rd season❗ :v
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Loving the episodes so far. I should do some pickle rick or post apocalyptic rick & morty fan art.
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:D thanks! 
If you liked this you should check out the Youtube vid of the process.…
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This is badass!
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Lol awesome! I'm glad you think so! :D
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I like the piece you did.
LOVE the color style. :D
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So this is what it looks like finished. WOW!!!
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I might be doing covers for the ONI press comic in the future. Justin Roiland himself has been trying to make it happen.
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Excuse me while I google that dude...WHAT he was in Adventure Time?! (and whole bunch of other stuff) Wow man that's huge! Congratz Zip. It must feel awesome :)
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It would feel a lot more awesome not waiting on the email or call and actually working on the covers already. lol
I hate getting my hopes up on these things. 
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Well now that you say that, I got MY fingers crossed...and I still think it's awesome.
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Even more badass!!
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Lol thats my favorite episode! 
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This is absolutely amazing!!!!
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