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KeyCaps Application Launcher

By ZipD
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A (not-so) simple application/games launcher.

Note: If you're upgrading from versions 1.2 or below, this will change everything and you'd have to reset all your application paths for each key again. Sorry, this was unavoidable to allow different key types.

- Choice of Chicklet or MX style key types (settings in
- Blue X key will hide/show all other skins when pressed, useful when you're gaming and don't want Rainmeter to dip your frames.
- Caps, Scroll and Num Lock keys show actual state of the key and will also change states if pressed.
- Pressing a key emits a Cherry MX Blue-styled sound.
- Spacebar will show the application name as you hover over each key.
- Shows a wallpaper-like image as you hover over each key (can be configured per key).

- Each key can be moved around and placed wherever.
- Each key has customizable colors, icons, size and position. 
- Right-click on each key to change colors. Comes with 11 colors, all GMK-coded.
- Multiple key sizes like the ones you would get in a regular keyboard.
- Edit individual ini files to point to your own applications by changing the AppPath, AppTitle variable.
- Edit individual ini files to show your own custom wallpaper image in the background. Background will auto detect screen size and fill the screen.

I've also included icons for apps and games. Thanks to and for some of the icons used in this skin and of course special thanks to the helpful people (JSMorley, Balala and Yincognito) on Rainmeter Forums for helping me with this skin.

Future planned features:
- Themes for keys (preset colors for keys and icons, including custom wallpaper for each theme).
- A settings panel for ease of use.

1.7 - Added checks for either Spacebar and Wallpaper so that measures aren't updating them if they're not enabled or present.
1.6 - Bugfixes for wallpaper not moving to lower z-position below keys. Wallpaper will now be forced into the background.
1.5 - Wallpaper can now be disabled via EnableWallpaper setting in
1.4 - Added a 'wallpaper' type image that shows the game/app when you mouseover each key. This is configurable for each key. Removed all icons except for white icons. White icons will automatically change color depending on key color to provide better contrast. Added some wallpaper images (all are 3440x1440).
1.3 - A lot of changes:
- Added ability to detect if Spacebar was present, if not, don't try to display text on it which causes errors.
- Added chicklet-style keys. Edit Variables.ini to change this.
- Adjusted key sizes slightly so that both MX and chicklet style keys are compatible with each other.
- Added even more icons, now it's up to 400+ icons.
- Changed how mouse is detected to allow easier relocation of keys.
- Fixed text color on spacebar, will now change to white if spacebar is black.
- Fixed icons getting cropped in some instances.
1.2 - Fixed some bugs, added more icons, added more colors.
1.1 - Added Keystate.dll plugins (had forgotten about this, sorry).
1.0 - First release.
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Please add option to pick colour of our own choice.

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Hmm, that's going to be difficult as the text color is automatically adjusted based on the color-choices I have set. You can however, customize this on your own by editing the file.

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Man how! Like how! Where you learned all this? It is no less than a masterpiece. I can't believe my eyes how awesome this is!! You're absolutely AMAZING!!!