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GOM Player Theatrum



Here it is, my fourth skin, I've been teasing it since the start of 2017 and now almost a year later with it being in and out of development I feel it is time to get it out the door. It all started as a update for my Creativity skin but as I reworked, changed and edited more and more of the skin so did I find it more fitting to start it over as a whole new skin. This released me from trying to stay inside the theme I had for that skin and instead let me just go new ways with it. Had a blast developing this, the control panel and the layout for the main window is what I'm most proud of as it is something we don't see often in GOM skins sadly, hope this will change because I made the skin file really accessible for editing by others. I choose the name Theatrum (Latin for Theater) as a wink at the media player being kind of your own personal theater, and it sounds kind of cool too.

Either way, I hope you will find enjoyment in this skin, and if you have any comments regarding the skin just leave a comment =D (Big Grin)

Note: Regarding more colors, this was on my to do list before release but it will require me having to rework the script file, so it has been pushed back for now, but will not be hard to get working besides that. I also want to get in a night mode feature too, but that might be a little bit more tricky with the way GOM skins work. Expect that in an upcoming update later on this year.

Current version: 1.0
Updated: 16/12/17

Version 1.0
Dot Bullet (Black) - F2U! Initial release

Screenshot Background by: iAmFreeman
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