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Vampire Buddies

And so we come to the big day. October Thirty-First. I promised you guys a special pic today, and here it is! Sometimes, Zion turns himself into a vampire and hangs out with Marceline and Marshall Lee, calling themselves the Vampire Buddies. His favorite time to do this is on Halloween, not because of the massive concert they hold that night, but because it's a time he can finally let loose and scare people! For some reason, he gets a massive kick out of making people jump as he ambushes them. Guess the Halloween Spirit dwells within even the Guardian! :laughing:

Marceline model by :iconsilentsnowstorm: (I actually got the model a long time ago. I didn't realize the model was out of circulation until a few days ago. Guess that makes me a bit special! XD )
Marshall Lee model by :iconmoniquelotaku: (The one thing I don't like about people drawing this guy is that they always portray him with green skin. If I have my facts straight, the official art portrays the King with blue skin, just like his female counterpart. I guess that's just a personal gripe of mine, though, and the green skin WAS shown in the scene he was in, but that was due to the lighting.)
Adventure Time created by Pendleton Ward; Marshall Lee by Natasha Allegri.

Happy Halloween, everybody! :)
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Aww yeah Adventure Time!

This pic's awesome, Happy Halloween!
Zion-Crayson's avatar
Thanks, Neo. I definitely love Adventure Time. Great show.

Also, Happy Halloween to you, too! ^^
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Happy Halloween..

dis picture is scary ^^
Zion-Crayson's avatar
Yeah, vampires can be scary. They're also probably the only undead creature I actually like, mostly due to Marceline and her personality. ^^

Happy Halloween, Link, and I hope you have a great night tonight. ^^