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Katya Ironstead
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art

Heyo, it's ya boi and best commie alihorse. I'm not much of an artist myself, struggling to draw due to arthritis causing constant pain in my finger joints (thanks, life!) and being an overall killjoy. I've got this account for commissions and rare comments. If you want to watch, make sure it's primarily for the OC, not art. I won't be submitting much of the latter, until I feel confident in what I draw.


OC information/bio :…

Since you've reached this profile for some reason, you're probably a bit interested.
I'd like you to know a few things in that case.

1. Any useful feedback, positive or negative, is very appreciated. Hateful comments offer nothing of use and only prove that some people simply cannot take off their alicorn hate glasses. I've made her to show people that alicorn OCs in the MLP fandom don't all have to be terrible and can both look good and have a decent story to follow. One day, I hope she'll gain some popularity. It would only make me happier.

2. If you have concerns regarding Kat being a bit too similar to any other OCs, I have evidence of her being a thing dating back to September 2013, while the concept started before summer of that year. Just because I may be less popular than some people doesn't mean I appreciate comments saying 'Katya looks like X', while it's usually the other way around. I didn't base her design on anything other than my preferences.

3. I had a sphinx pony drawn all the way back in 2014. Just so it's clear one show episode from summer 2017 wasn't my inspiration and I did it before it was cool

4. I turned off llama notifications. If you don't get one back after giving it to me, it's because I don't know and don't really care about them. If you want to express something, please do it with a message instead.

6. Being an introvert, I find it hard to reach out to people myself. That doesn't mean I wouldn't want to get to know some of you. Chatting (except for small talk, avoid using "hi, how are you?" like fire) or playing together, I like to do all that. Scroll down, if you'd like to get in contact!

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Social media


^ Limited to people I've known for a bit. Used to accept invites from anyone, but that definitely did not work out ^



^ Best way to get in contact ^



^ You can expect a rare, boring shitpost when my motivation allows (almost never) ^

Commissions I'm currently waiting for:

Favourite and highly recommended artists :
:icontheomegaridley: :iconxn-d: :iconclayscence: :iconav-4: :iconamura-of-jupiter: :iconthepossumface: :iconv747:

If you found yourself in the list above, that means:
- I like your art style, obviously!
- I like you as a person. This usually means you ensured my satisfaction with the final results and were pretty laid back when it came to just having a chat or discussing something.
- Your prices were fair and reasonable. This doesn't necessarily mean you were cheap, more that you weren't overpriced and I considered your art worth what I paid.
- You delivered a quality service. I was kept informed, there were no pointless delays, constant need of reminding or any general issues. I felt like I commissioned a professional.

It's hard to get on the list above, so if you did, congratulations! If it makes me look picky, you should know that I am. When I pay, I expect some quality of service and the higher the price, the more dissatisfied I will be if my expectations are not met. There's so many artists whining about commissioners, yet not nearly enough people doing it in the opposite direction. While I don't want to point fingers and spread negativity, it's enough to say that if I had a list for that, it would have a ton of entries. It also helps me appreciate the people that really deserve it, you should consider commissioning them sometimes, if you're looking for reliable artists!


Morning Stretches
Holy hell, it is time. It's finally time. Say hello to my first DeviantArt upload, ladies and gents, I've produced something I have enough confidence in to post it. I started near the end of May, it took me months and multiple reworks, but there it finally is. Despite all the silly things in life keeping me back, whether it be university or health, it feels good to enter the art world, even if a few years late and with a handicap.

Some story behind it? I was just drawing a sketch of the sphinx pony's paws for future reference, to come up with a design. Had a silly thought in the middle of it and considered the sketch worth turning into a full image, as anything I tend to draw comes at difficulty to me and feels like a waste to... well, waste. That's really all there is to it. The image was meant to have a simple background to go along with it, showing the character laying in bed (and thus, the pose and title start to make more sense), but I've spent way too long getting to this point to hold back on showing progress. I might update it with a background soon, assuming I feel like it.

Huge thanks to a few of my friends, who helped me by providing valuable advice, even if a bit harsh sometimes, and showed some tricks to help speed up my work a bit. I have learned a lot and I owe them all. 
:iconthepossumface: :icontheomegaridley: :iconxn-d: :iconmrlolcats17: 
Consider checking them out, they're all artists I've followed for some time and they definitely deserve your attention in the form of at least a watch (and preferably a commission c; ).

And just as many thanks to you too, Roz, Peel, Twist and VDV. Don't think I forgot about you. Your support kept me going.

Katya Ironstead - me


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