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Commission for :iconlordvurtax:  :)
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Looks good.
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reminds me of the description of MothMan
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I was about to Say that
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[Link] That is all I have to say.

He is kind of creepy. It looks like his flesh is made of stone.
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That thing is swole as hell.
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He's been a warrior for the last 75,000+ years. He's had time to get some sick gains.
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What he is exactly? I'm curious.
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In the universe of Anvellion, there are many tiers of Angellic-level divine beings (God is a mystery to them) acting either directly or indirectly upon the worlds of mortals. The Ar, Omni, Daia, Anthelos, and Hollow Lights (in that order from most powerful to least). The Anthelos are the most numerous and the most direct in their influence upon the mortal plane as they compete politically for the allegiance and alignment of mortal souls to them.

With that, you can get a good grasp as to what they are as I explained in this post here:…

Appreciate your interest.
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wheres his dick tho?
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They don't reproduce, they just are and have been since the Dawn of Creation.
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