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Princess Luna and the Shadowbolts

Hello! Finally something new. :)

The forces of good are ready for battle! Princess Luna and the Shadowbolts are preparing for the final battle against the Cult of Eclipse.

This is commission for My Little Pony - Celestial Divide :iconcelestialdivide: Plot-driven RP board with an awesome world, lore, and characters. High quality posters and dedicated members. Currently on our second story arc and second year.

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Is that Pony Azog?
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Gdzie tu są Shadowbolts?
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I don't know why when i look at your art i always come back to that picture.
It is just so great and characters are so individual, but that is in almost everyone of your artworks.
Maybe that's a color contrast...

Anyway awesome work!
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Yeah when I see this, my mind automatically sings this.…
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Thanks for sharing. I like this. :)
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Well, it seems a mare in the group is making the most of the moment to hit on one of her brothers-in-arms. ^^
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This is so sick.
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Space marines.
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ZOMFG!. i see this and i play God of war Soundtrack on my head, its just that awesome
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epic meter exploded , damn
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Yeah, pretty sure you just won all of art.  
TheXiaDarkness's avatar
Holy mega-hydra!
The only problem is Luna's head is out of proportion with her body. Besides that it's perfect.
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This. Is. So. Awesome!
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how old are you like 3?
blueisasome's avatar
Holly Shit this is amazing. Great job.
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They are the best flyers from Everfree Forest.
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