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Nightmare Moon Battle Galea

Hi! I was curious how Nightmare Moon's portrait would look in my style, similar to Discord: Lord of Chaos I made long time ago.… :)

If you like it, this image is available to buy as t-shirt on Welovefine.…
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Duude, she looks awesome!

Maxojir's avatar
This is utterly astounding
ZombieFX's avatar
Okay, Lich King!
DeathAlchemist94's avatar
Saw this and instantly thought of this video.…
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No words describe this, jusr basking in awesomeness
QueenofEverything900's avatar
Filly-Jean's avatar
She looks like The Lich King.
leebk201's avatar
She looks badass.
imafangirl12's avatar
For some reason it reminds me of loki lol
SnapCentino's avatar
She's fantastic!
InvertedCello24's avatar
I want this t-shirt but my mom won't let me get it. ~_~
She thinks it's creepy.
b-r8's avatar
dont wait your mom only do what you want!!

it's your t-shirt not mom t-shirts
so if i were you ill buy it 
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Lol, my first thought: There must always be a Lich King.
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It's terrifying the amount of talent there is in the world, even more so the unaccounted. The anomalies go to waste while the noticed should be thanked every day they don't have the ambition to take over the world.

You may not have put it to world domination, but art is debatably far more dangerous. It can make a person think.
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You are a amazing artist do you think you could do my three oc ponies of not then that's cool, but hey it never hurts to ask but if you can then here is the just a little thing on them
Ashoof's avatar
holy crap! wow!
Dragon101k's avatar
Ładnie. W szczególności lubię usta - w większości przypadków coś mi nie pasuje z ustami, ale nie tutaj. TAAAAK!
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Nothing beats a dark pony in an epic armour. Especially now when it is this well portraited. The black background and the way the face it kind of walking out of it is brilliant! It makes a simple little drawing come to life and make it a tad more interesting and artistic. Worthy is this piece of art in my eyes!!! 

 P.S I know this is not a very constructive comment but I recently returned to the whole comment on stuff world so you'll have to excuse my sloppiness ^^; 
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Looks like a Middle Earth type of helmet. Is she also a mare of Gondor?
Bergiloh's avatar
Yeah this is pretty neat stuff.
Anyone else have Maleficent's laugh echoing in their ears?
Heart416's avatar
You know what any person would say in this...

ColonelBSacquet's avatar
Nah. Gentlemen, reload and fix bayonets!

*click clack*

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