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Welcome to herd, haters.

:iconziom05: Q: What the hell is this and why is Octavia a pegasus?

:iconcobaltwave:A: This is a picture of a bunch of the characters me and my friends all play in a game together, and one of the players did indeed choose to play Octavia. Story shenanigans happened (as story shenanigans tend to do in things like RPGs), and long story short she got wings. So, while not exactly an OC like the rest of them, it is the person's main character, and I really wanted to include them in the picture as well since they're one of my best friends =)"

Commission for :iconcobaltwave: Her and her friends OC.
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So I have to give an honest opinion do I?
I love it. The texture of the dragon? is actually the thing I love most.
his scales look rough and sharp and overall amazing.
The whole picture is smooth and full without being cluttered.
My one criticism would probably be the positioning of the guy in the back right. He looks a bit off. In that the way his body is positioned he looks like he's about to fall flat into the ground.
Overall thought love the way each character has a role. And thing I want to see more!
Also please tell me your rules for an MLP RPG. Please!