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Entrance to the Northern Crater

Hi! :)

This is commission for My Little Pony - Celestial Divide :iconcelestialdivide: Plot-driven Role-Playing board with an awesome world, lore, and characters.

My facebook:…
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Another piece that I feel provides some great inspiration for my own roleplaying games. 

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Great work. It looks like something from the game skyrim. How's things going?
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WOW! I love the clouds effect, and the glowing door. supercool!
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This is so awsome! Now it must be on equestria daily! Or was it already? :)
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Is this part of the Derpy/Carrot Top's journey thing you're doing, too?
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:iconmotherofmeplz:: DAYM, That`s awesome!
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:iconmotherofcelestiaplz: That's incredible!
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Amazing scenery.
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That's all I got.
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i wanna talk to the portal pony XD he looks like he knows a lot XD
temporos's avatar
I don't want to talk to the portal pony. :O_o: He gives me the creeps! :XD:
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I'd use this as a desktop wallpaper, but not large enough.
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this is so incredible. your art really is beautiful and its a joy to see it everytime you put one out. :) 
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Gee, that doesn't look scary at all.
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awesome! i really like the atmosphere going on in this picture. kinda looks like a fight between a big storm and daylight struggling through the clouds. it looks really really cool!
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Northern Crater... Final Fantasy VII's northern crater?
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With swandroid on this one...that is all I think of as well.
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was my first thought, too
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