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Damn this is just divine it's utterly incredible!


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How did I never see this until now. This series is mind blowing. God help me, I miss MLP so much it hurts. I'd give anything to feel that anticipation I felt Saturday morning before a new episode aired.

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So... Was this meant as the end? Are they okay??? D:

Lovely art all the way through, either way!
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It is odd the story just sorta ends right here.

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Sp it was Carrot Top's soul in there?
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Is this complete?
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How do I commission part 15?
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This is an amazing series, and the soundtrack it inspired also. :D
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Is there a next part? How much do these cost each?
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This ought to be made in an epic saga, a poem of adventure and great deeds, that the skalds will chant throughout the years, in all of Equestria. :-)
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it is, go onto youtube and search Carbon Maestro, he made an epic for these artworks
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Just saw that he made some epic music. I like it.

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So, is this still going on? Nice. :-)
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You two are still going at it! :D
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This reminds me of the ending of the story; "East of the Sun, West of the Moon"
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Właśnie paczę co tu nowego u Ziomala i tu mnie uderza...

Ile Dax musi ci płacić za te rzeczy!? Tzn. nie jestem ciekawy ile konkretnie, ale to musi być niezła suma.
Hey, don't know if you know but TheH215 just put out a song that used your art. hope you like it. song's title is legendary.
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Interesting story, and amazing artwork, is there an actual fanfic for this?
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Well, I am working on a series of short stories based on Carbon maestro and these art works
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There was one in progress, but I fear it was terminated.
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