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derpy vs sion XD
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Uh-oh ... Derpy's skelly squadmates are being ... squashed, it seems. :-S
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Still epic. Oozes of epicness.

Amazing piece
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"Enraged, The Ice Queen and former ruler of the Northern Barrens, goes and turns the tides on the grey mail mare. Using her advanced knowledge of magic to summon an ice golem. Something that takes a well deserved amount of magic to do. Derpy is hurled into the summoning mess and the Ice Queen uses her tail, transformed to a thick rugged block of ice to high tail the pitiful mare aggressively."
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Updates please the Nun2artzy
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Badass picture :wow:
To be honest, I have forgotten about this series.
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I have no idea what's going on but its awesome.
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And the queen turns the tables on Derpy!
Excellent work on this mate, I love the feel of impact in this:)
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Wow you are still working on it ? XD
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Wow art. :) I like that helmet.
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Thanks :) Be sure to check next parts. 
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