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Derpy's and Carrot Top's journey - Part 11 / II

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Aaaand the Queen has no cutie mark again. What the hell is up with her vanishing cutie mark syndrome?

(Epic aside from that).
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Derpy's visible eye seems to be glowing a strange, grim, sternly resolved light.
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"JEEZ, DERPY! Where did you get that sword???"
~ Carrot Top
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Awesome. Go get her Derpy. 
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The fight begin. Epic work.

This is so amazing
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What was updated?
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Armour work for Derpy.
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This looks like an awesome scene from a videogame.
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I'd like a book cover in this style. Now I need the money to buy a commission.
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Hold your ground, Derpy!  Carrot Top is counting on you!

(I love this, BTW)
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I love the crazy eyes on the villain! XD
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Wrath of the Lich Queen Vs. Paladin Derpy! Go Go go! XD
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*cue the music -> Dark Souls: Prepare To Die Edition: Artorias Of The Abyss OST - 'Manus, The Father Of The Abyss'*
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Unknown Error - Hellraiser
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Eh, I'm not really a fan of dubstep, unless it is mixed with a genre that I like, or if it is done only in a certain way....

Good examples of what I mean are:
- the 'Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance' vocal/instrumental soundtrack,
- Miracle Of Sound's songs 'Higher Tonight', 'Digital Shadow' (both versions), and 'Zombie Holiday',
- Papa Roach's song 'Still Swingin'' (has some dubstep elements),
- Celldweller's song 'One Good Reason',
- the song 'Battle With Zavok' from the 'Sonic: Lost World' soundtrack,
and so on.
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How about Instrumental Core?(the one who is likely the inventor of Dubchestral music, look him up on youtube)

also check out Celldweller - Retros.
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Retros is ok, but not really my thing.
I listened to a little of Instrumental Core, and I don't like it.

Different tastes in music, I guess.
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The armor looks good on you Derpy. 
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I love this story and all the pictures in it... it is truly Awesome!
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freaking badass.
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