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I'm an artist who sort of knows how to write, or a writer who sort of knows how to draw. Take your pick.

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It's nice to see how far you've come in all these years.…

This is how I found you, congrats and awesome work.
Awsome art, your drawing style is very unique. Keep up the great work:D
Hey.  Man, I was a huge fan of your work as Zinou on the Beast Wars Anonymous archive before it crashed.  Really enjoyed your portrayal of Dinobot and how you had his character evolve through the series - you're awesome at writing adventure and pain.  Your hyena-bot was cool as well.  Always found it sad when 'Fate' and the other background voices nerfed her near the end.

Beast Wars International, , recovered a good chunk of their archives, but yours seem to have disappeared with realmlibrary in 2005.  Found them through the WayBack Machine:…

If you ever want to post them to it's as simple as opening the webpage with the formatted text and horizontal lines, copying everything and pasting them into a new 'Copy&Paste Document'.  They're very html sensitive/friendly...  Although I think you would need to add 'do not own' disclaimers to the start of each story.

You could always go the route of posting your stories here, which is great as the review section here is a thread rather than a static list of entries.  That's a matter of opening up the raw html source, copying and pasting all the text along with the visible tags into a text file, doing a find and replace to delete the few incompatible tags - such as 'center' and 'font'- then previewing it here to make sure that the italics and everything are displaying nicely.

Awesome evolution of your art style.  That one version of the head of...  I think it was a mutated reptilian Rampage... has always stuck with me.  Will read through your comic.

Of the art displayed right now, I really enjoy Serenity and the Werewolf Desktop is just neat.
I really am touched by your concern for my older work, but I must let you know: I elected to take my things down from when I stopped writing fanfic (…). There had been so little interest for so long, the only comments ever garnered were negative (due to's updates breaking formatting), and the writing was a poor reflection of my current skill level.

As with my Zoids stuff I briefly had considered rewriting them to bring them "up to par", but too many changes would be needed and I can't justify spending that kind of time on fanfiction anymore.

I am glad you enjoyed those works way-back-when. I have been considering doing some more updated Beast Wars fanart, maybe do a revisit of one of the older images with mutant Rampage - I still have that stuff laying around in my older files somewhere, I'd just have to find it. It'll be posted here if do make anything new.

I hope you continue to enjoy my current works and perhaps stick around for them. And I apologise for the delay in response here (I just don't hang around this page much currently.) If you're interested I've updated my Journal with where all my most up-to-date things can be found.

Thank you for taking the time to comment. I do appreciate it. :heart: