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MYO Annie- Nin

I'm so happy to finally finish the design for my Annie MYO!
She's a cute and clumsy ninja in training who's just trying her best to not hurt herself hahaha


Blessing Name: Bear's Paw Succulent (Cotyledon tomentosa)
How many blessings: 1
Rarity: Common
Eyes: Common Round
Annies are a closed species by Yamio
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Bear's paw!!! XD It was easy to tell from the cute little succulent on this bab's head! I love that the bun hair resembles little bear ears too <3

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I love her colors here! She looks very adorable and cutely drawn~ Interesting too that she's a ninja. I assume her arms and legs are pretty strong since how it was represented here. That's so coolz~!

Elsiikun's avatar

Woah I didn't know a plant that looks like bear paws exist, that's adorb haha. Those bear paw plant arms and legs are just such cute designs. Her radiant colors, especially that hair, gives some energy to her character too~!

AJRoanoke's avatar

A succulent girl! I loveee her plant limbs. They make her look so precious. All the round shapes make her look so huggable!~

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