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Party Spock is in the house tonight

By Zink120
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Genuinely surprised that nobody had done this yet! (That I could find) I guess there's no reason why anyone would make the connection though... lol I guess this is what happens if you watch The Big Bang Theory immediately after listening to party rock anthem!

Please don't ask why I did this, I'm so tired Q____Q
10 minute shoop FTW

So I ask you this - If you could go party with Spock, would you?!

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I don't even know the song (old fogey who got into Trek through the animated series in the 70s) but I loooove this to bits! Great manipulation!
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Haha, thanks very much :-) That's a great series, isn't it? The dong has already fallen into the 2010's zeitgeist as far as I can tell, but here it is if you're interested in sampling "youth culture" haha: www.youtube.com/watch?v=KQ6zr6…
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oh god my ribs hurt from laughing to hard and yes i would love to party with spock i love him he's awesome and plus an awesome chess player
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LOL amazing XD
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"Everyday i'm prosperin'." Awesome man.
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Pfffffft. Didn't see this one coming, man.
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Hell yes. Chess party with Spock. :D
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Chess with Spock!? You must be a genius to even want to attempt that! D:
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Nah, i would rather party with william ryker, btu wrong star trek lol
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Orly? I don't know him :-/ Can he shuffle as well as Spock? :P
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Oh i doubt that. No-one shuffles as well as spock
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I see what you did there... :P
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