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ElfQuest Family Tree

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This tree contains spoilers for Final Quest #22 up to Final Quest #24.

I've finally finished it: the great ElfQuest family tree! This tree only includes bloodrelations. Click download to see full size.

There are a few uncertainties in this tree:
 * Redlance being Spark's grandson is not confirmed, but it is known that his grandfather was a treeshaper;
 * Kahvi's father could also be Graywolf, but in my opinion Two-Spear is more likely;
 * Brill's and Krill's parents being Haze and Farbright is likely, but not confirmed;
 * It's not confirmed that Owl is Longbranch' (and One-Eyes') father;

I hope you like it!

All pictures I used belong to Wendy and Richard Pini.

Edit 23/03/14: Added Owl and Greywolf; changed the pictures of Tyleet, Mender and Eyes-High.
Edit 24/03/14: Added Ahdri's heritage and Graywolf and Owl's mother, Kree.
Edit 01/04/14: Added more of Timmorn's children and rearranged the tree a little. I also removed Rellah as (second) Willowgreen's mother.
Edit 05/07/14: Added Echo, child of Kaslen and Timmorn; also added Enlet (father of Zarhan), and his parents Menolan and Seeree.
Edit 15/10/14: Rearranged the tree to fit Teir in, as son of Windkin and Kahvi. Disconnected Moonshade from Mantricker.
Edit 20/12/15: Added Windwhisper, daughter of Kree, and her offspring. Added Journey as child of Selnac and Timmorn. Added Plenty as child of Ice and Rushwater. Changed Chitter's name to 'Freetouch'.
Edit 21/12/15: Changed the pictures of Korafay, Talen, Ingen and Jarrah; moved Skywise's relatives to the left.
Edit 31/10/17: Added Satreeka, child of Venka and Mirff; added Mirff; changed the colour indicator for 'Gliders' so they are more distinguishable from Wavedancers.
Edit 05/03/18: Added the third child of Leetah and Cutter; added the child of Timmain and Skywise; connected Ember to Teir since they recognized after all.

Theories not included in the tree:
* Moonshade's father might be Mantricker - we only know that her mother was his lifemate but they never recognized
* Pike's mother might be Brightwater - it is rumored that he got his violet eyes from his mother, and Brightwater is known to have violet eyes, like her daugher Moonshade.
* The child of Earth and Timmain might be Rellah, but I find that unlikely.
* Judging from haircolours, I think that Acorn is Mantricker's sire and Lionleaper is the father of Speedwell (whose great-grandson also has red hair). But, nothing about this theory is confirmed nor denied.
*According to the BOTC1 novel, Wreath is Samael's grandchild. But the BOTC2 novel states that an unknown elf from a different tribe is her father.
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Wow, so detailed! I'm impressed with everything you dug up/guessed. Here's on of my questions though: Who on earth is this third child of Cutter and Leetah, and where do they show up?
Zinegirl's avatar
Leetah gets pregnant during the Final Quest and the child shows up in the very last panel of the last issue. He is unnamed, unfortunately.
Wolfsong6913's avatar
Oh yeah, neat! Too bad about being unnamed though. Maybe they'll fix that, if we're lucky?
Zinegirl's avatar
Yeah it would be nice if Wendy would do some more art for him. I also hope she'll post a bigger picture of Timmain and Skywise with their child, because the picture we have of them looks like it used to be bigger but it is severely sized down. So there's got to be a bigger version of it somewhere.
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OuroborosIHobbyist General Artist
You are forgetting foxfur born out of reconision between Bearclaw and Brownberry

And it is unlikely Owl is the farther of one eye...
Kahvi being the daughter just makes no sense according to Leetah a healer.
in the 10.000 year that they where away al the wolfriders she knew would have become dust by the time.
And Rainsong her husband and her mid son did so

Two-Spear was more of the wolf blood then future generations... it just doesn't ad up.
I know Khavi being of wolf blood is canon but living for more then 12,000 years? i call bs

Same with Owl that must make him ancient or One eye and Longbranch being older then Bearclaw. 
And Bearclaw has been stated to be twice as old as Treestumb and that no Wolfrider has ever lived aslong as him. (I give Two-Spear a pass here he can become old indeed)

There should be a bit more generations between Owl and Longbranch/One Eye and Two-Spear/Graywolf and Khavi.
Maybe there is an later generations of Wolfriders with an Owl in it
Maybe Two-Spear became a tittle rather then name.
It should.. but that would not be canon.

Rand aside i love the family tree, keep it up.
The theory about Pike and Moonshade being half-siblings makes sense, incest is common by the wolfriders so each wolfrider is family of each other in some way.
Zinegirl's avatar
Where is it stated who Foxfur's parents are? I'd like to confirm it.
Kahvi was 'killed' by Two-Spear an fell in a pool of (magic) water, she was in there for a long time before what was left of the tribe would find her again. I think she lost her wolfblood due to that. If she isn't Two-Spear's daughter then she'd likely be Graywolf's daughter and have wolf blood as well, so it doesn't really make a difference in that aspect who her father is.
About Owl, he and Graywolf were twins and it has been theorized that Owl had significantly less wolf blood than Graywolf, who has been described as 'more wolf than elf'. (In the novels Owl was even said to be immortal? I never read the novels.) So that would explain his long lifespan.
OuroborosI's avatar
OuroborosIHobbyist General Artist
Well my sister has the books so i can't look it up

But i recall it was either in the cast discription in the Wolfrider graphic novel or in her discription in the wolfriders guide to the world of elfquest.
This elfquest.com/read/index.php?s=… may not be direct proof on Foxfur's part but going with Bearclaws chackter he would have resisted the call to mate.
bearclaw had an earlier child and not with Joyleaf or it would have state "them" instead of "him"

Once again the ancient urge of regonistion.. cathes him in the grip far stronger then a ect ect.

And yet there was never mentioned the elder Owl in the blood of 10 chiefs stories staring mantricker, bearclaw, good tree, tanner and freefoot.
As with Khavi it just does't make any sense

You don't have to defend it, it is canon.. but... it breaks so many rules to make an interesting character... interesting?
Zinegirl's avatar
Longbranch was very old as well (because he had less wolfblood), having lived from Freefoot's time as chief to Bearclaw's. (I have no idea how this explains One-Eye though. Although he is one of the elders he'd still be younger than Treestump...)

I know it's implied Bearclaw has had children before (and Joyleaf as well) but I can't find anything about Brownberry or Foxfur even being related to Bearclaw.
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Awesome!! I am totally nerding out over this!! <3
AmethystSadachbia's avatar
AmethystSadachbiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
Is it canon that Redlance is descended from Speedwell and Fireweed's cub? I know it's a popular fan theory, but I didn't think it had ever been acknowledged as true.
Zinegirl's avatar
It's indeed not confirmed; the 'fan theories' I included are mentioned in the description.
9-angel-eyes's avatar
9-angel-eyesStudent Traditional Artist
oh thank you this is awesome!!!!
WolfenM's avatar
WolfenMProfessional General Artist
Great reference! :love:

Just curious, why do you think it more likely that Two-Spear was Khavi's father? Willowgreen Recognized Graywolf, after all, despite wishing to Recognize Two Spear -- or did something happen in the comics that specifically negates that story in the Blood of Ten Chiefs anthologies? (I didn't manage to get all of the comics version, so I may have missed it.)
Zinegirl's avatar
There's a whole topic about that, actually :P (A few of my arguments are on it, too.) I guess we can never really know unless the Pini's explicitely state it, but I like to think that Kahvi is Two-Spear's daughter, born outside of recognition, based on feeling, the KAHVI comic and physical similarity.
WolfenM's avatar
WolfenMProfessional General Artist
Fair enough. :)
AmethystRose144's avatar
Chitter is now Freetouch :) I may have to download it so I can appreciate it properly, it doesn't zoom in enough for my poor eyesight lol
Zinegirl's avatar
Yeah I need to update the tree, I think I'll do so in a few issues :P Also hitting download should give you a new window with the full-sized picture :)
kss400's avatar
Don't know if you just know much more than me and this isn't a mistake but it looks like Three toe's sire is himself. But wow that's some family tree, very impressive work.
Zinegirl's avatar
It is correct. Three-Toe had a son also called Three-Toe (or Three-Toe the son). ;) And thanks for your compliment!
AmethystSadachbia's avatar
AmethystSadachbiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I find it interesting that in my own colour-coding scheme for the elves, I also picked green for Wolfriders and pink for Firstborn. ^^
AmethystSadachbia's avatar
AmethystSadachbiaHobbyist Traditional Artist
I would love to do something like this for my own AU family trees, with my own art…but it would be such a massive image xD
Vaerys's avatar
Cool. Very interesting! Haven't realized that Nightfall and Scouter are cousins.
Javen's avatar
JavenHobbyist General Artist
This is amazing! I've gotta favorite it to stare at later. A lot of things popped up I never knew since I haven't read the series in a while, like Kahvi being Two-Spears daughter. Too cool.
CrystalSetsuna's avatar
pssst, the elf who recognized timmain? you got his name wrong! it's Aerth. www.elfquest.com/pubs/timeline…

also, Sandsparkle and Skimback son's name was Skimmer, seen in page 58 of The Discovery.

otherwise, this family tree is fantastic!!!<3
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