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Time takes away the ones you love
Time can heal your wounds

This started out as a drawing with a slightly different meaning but as I was in the process of it when my dad got hospitalized it kind of gave a different meaning to the piece. With time we can lose the ones we care about, whether it be family or friends (not always to death) but time seems to heal some of the lost feelings as well. I think time is fascinating in the way that time never feels the same. Sometimes time is too slow and sometimes time goes too fast.

As you can see I am very much using my eraser pencil, meaning I draw blond hair again. She originally was to have darker hair but I guess the lighter hair can have a symbolic meaning as well when we speak of time.

29.7x21cm | 11.7x8.2

Modelled after the unique looking Helene from my forum: [link] (3rd post)
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Very beautiful and impressive ! Love 
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Hi Zindy!
My name is erika. Writing from orlando, how are u? I simply love your abandoned by my family in florida.
tough times...and to go forward because time does heal hurting a lot now...waiting for more time to pass.

I hope you doing just fine...perfect (?)
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Ooh, this is lovely!
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A real masterpiece!
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I like you photo very much. may I use one or some in my monthly published e-magazine.( of course with your name under it.
thank you in advance

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lol I drew my version of this too. It's not up though and I tell people you drew it.... there was one other.. XP
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Wow isn't even the word. Breathless, not even Breathtaking because that is lacking the grace needed to speak for this picture. Time is precious. So is that girl.
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wow I adore this picture, its fantastic, it looks like shes trapped in time because shes looking away from the clock and her eyes and the clocks seems like its the main focuss in the picture like time is against her or maybe the sands of time is running through her fingers.
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This is really good! =D
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This is really good
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Excellent drawing! You are very talented.
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So beautiful.
I absolutely LOVE the clock in the background!
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I love this drawing and I love the meaning behind it. <3
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well, its what you do with the time that tells if it will heal...
I like the clock. very nice. did you free hand that or did you use stencil and straight edge for the click?
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:heart: Featured because I love it! [link]
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wow! Do you draw from eye for use inspirational photos? =O
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This is amazing!
It has a really good meaning behind it
well drawn I wish I could draw like you
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Wauw.. I really like it!
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Zindy, I am still totally blown away by this. My mom loves it too btw. :D I still can't fathom how unbelievably talented you are. I am VERY flattered that you wanted to use me as a model for your drawing. I know I've told you before but I am so sorry about your dad, and I am keeping you, him and the rest of your family in my thoughts everyday. Hugs.
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PS. How did I add that balloon smiley to my message? I had no idea I did that. LOL.
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