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The girl with the rose

The minute I saw the beautiful photo of Lisajenstock: [link] I knew I had to use it for a drawing of mine. I love the posture and the clothing. It poses such elegance.

I wanted to keep her features while still changing her to make her more unique. I gave her a bit longer and more wavy hair and I gave her a rose in her hand as I felt it was very suitable for what I had in mind. I struggled a bit with the rose to get all the details in. The rose is about 1 cm only, making it some work to get right. Had it been bigger I would have been able to add more details.
I changed the corset to a simpler one as I like it better this way. I also made the lower part of the dress a bit lighter cause I thought it would look good with it not being too dark, as the rest.

She sort of reminds me of porcelain doll.
I do feel happy with this drawing, I think it's my favourite this year. I put so much time into it and I feel it went as I wished for.
I hope you like it :floating:

Made with soft charcoal.
30x40cm (12x16 Inches)

:bulletpurple: Prints available here: [link]

Thanks much to LisaJen for a great stock.
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wow, you're next level :D
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It's beautiful 
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your art always make something be alive
XxAnimalxLoverxX's avatar
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This is awesome!! :D
Daed-3-rewarD's avatar
the hair is just amazing!
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wow! this is beautiful!
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I really like how the skirt shines and the hair. She Is very beautiful and you did a fantastic job!
EcnadEvol's avatar
That is really really pretty!!
itsemobaby's avatar
WOOWWW!!!that is SO amazing! i wish i could draw like that !! :D
boxesarefunnnnn's avatar
OMG IT'S SO BEAUTIFUL MAN I LUV IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Uau!!! Great job.
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Beautiful and elegant.
burntfaestock's avatar
I love the face and elegant hand with the rose.
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Absolutely stunning. Perfect. Flawless.
indiamoon's avatar
can i use this one for recoloring [for my novel character, India Scott], please?
LadyBoueleena's avatar
how do you make your work look so 3d - its practically a black and white photo - amaizng x
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I'm just curious, how long did this take you to draw?
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I absolutely adore al of your work!
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