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The Forgotten

I wanted to make something representing a loneliness, a kind of silent sadness. I guess it’s how I feel a little bit these days. Being parted with my friends, my loved ones… I miss them all, and my home and the city. It’s hard to move out to the country for a while, it’s so different from what I am used to and I miss everything about my “old life”. Who thought you could miss the sound of cars all night when you are about to sleep?
I kind of feel like I am about to start over. I mean, everything will be so different now… Maybe it’s just me being too sentimental, I just seem to find comfort in the past whenever I am heading major changes. I don’t like being this way and I’d like to rather look ahead and look forward to new things.. maybe it's because I really loved everything before Christmas, was a quite happy time for me. I don't want to sound too pathetic, I am just having a few sad days I guess, tomorrow the sun will shine a little again.
Anyway, I kind of just wanted the drawing to show this sad lonely feeling.
I got the idea in my head when I saw the beautiful photo [link] by: :iconpumpkin-stock:
Thanks much for letting me use your photos, you are beautiful.

I really enjoyed making this drawing. The satin took a very long time as well as the corset. Also the ground.. I tried to make it look rougher, to resemble ‘earth’.
Overall I feel happy with this drawing.

Made with soft coal.

:bulletpurple: Prints available here:[link]
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Absolutely amazing. I'm floored by how realistic the satin skirt looks. To be honest, this picture is one of the reasons I've gotten into drawing as much as I have.
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love your art but i think someone stole it . . . . [link]
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I found this a few years back in a google search right after my son died. I was feeling that way again today it being Mothers day and put it up on my facebook page. I didnt realize it was copywriten I'll take it down Im very sorry. But thank you for sharing it It depicts perfectly how this Priestess feels.
simply amazing :)
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This is so amazing!!! so beautiful... totally looks how i feel! I know what u mean about moving away, last year i moved to a completely different continent, its so hard to look ahead when a part of you is left behind. The drawing is totally amazing!
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Hey, Wonderful work...really love it...
Well I kinda loved it sooo much that I drew it myself once... I did give you the credits though...
Hope you don't mind...
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I have followed you work for years, you are absolutely amazing!! :heart: I think you should check this persons drawing out, credit was not given. When I saw it I knew immediately it was copied from yours. It's great that she can draw but credit should be given when it's due. [link]
this reminds me so much of my tattoo I got in memory of my brother. amazing.
rafaerukun's avatar just beautifull.
nice drawing with coal
i like it :)
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Oh! Found it :D. This is one of my first favorite drawings on your other web-page. I love butterfly wings :clap:
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I agree with you, I feel the same way.
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I love your drawing! It was so beautiful and sincere that it inspired me to make one of my own. ;)
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I love the depth of the darkness in this shading!
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I've been looking for you for a long time.

A couple of years ago I found this picture on facebook as a sticker- and it's been my main icon for years on every community website I've joined. It was mine for dA too- until I changed it a couple of weeks ago.

This is a stunning piece- one of my favorite fae pieces ever. Do you mind if I use it to create a journal CSS? I may have changed my icon- but I find I still miss my sad little fairy.
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i love fairies, she really does look sad and lonely
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I hope you don't mind, I love it so much I've used it as an icon? - Happiness is found when we can express ourselves with beauty.
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