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Terra Magica

So this is my latest fairy. It was nice to do something a little darker or edgier than I have for a while. Not that it's that different I just feel like I have been doing mostly sweet things for a long time, aside from A vampire's love.

Only thing is, I can't come up with a good name for the drawing, which is very rare. I usually always have a name for my work, a lot of the times I work from a title in my head. So, I was thinking - would you name her for me?

The one who gives me the title that fits I will gift with a little bookmark from my store [link] . Please help me :)
Spanish or French titles are welcome as well, as long as you give me the English meaning of it.

Credit goes to :iconsamisox-stock: for the pose reference: [link]

I went with Terra Magica, Terra was suggested by :iconraakone: and :iconbloodbytes: and I really liked the meaning and sound of the world, so I ended up with Terra Magica. Thanks to all who suggested something, there were many good ones :)
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I can't believe I forgot to fave her! This has been fixed!
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"Bærer av elementer"

Norwegian for 'Bearer Of The Elements'
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i love it, but if you are looking for critique, if i were you, i'd study a foot in that position... that's about the only thing i can point out. nicely done though!
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She's stunning Zindy!! :clap:
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Because of you, I have started watching True Blood. Season one finished. :)

This is your best pic yet (at least in my opinion)
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I'm glad it helped shape the pretty title...Magic Earth! :heart:
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I like the name that was chosen in the end! :D

Though I did like "Alluring", because it means seductive, enticing, and tempting. :D
Well.. when I looked at her I was drawn to her eyes. They are so full of depth. She looks dangerous but shes so beautiful.... she looks like she wants you to stay away but your drawn to her. Shes like a rose, shes beautiful but you know that those thorns are going to hurt once you get close enough. But yet you also know that she could be easily broken just like rose petals are so easily wilted. So I say name her "Piercing Diamond". Piercing for the sharpness in her eyes and her wings, and Diamond for her strength and beauty. Sorry that’s a lot of insight :D
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I love it...I really love the title that was chosen....the wings also look a bit like are amazing. The pose is really good, I love howyou made her a bit like she's bad;)

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youre amazing ^_^
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the wings make me think of fall leaves :aww:

your drawings are always so different and interesting.

I love the pose also, her expression is dark, but also sort of teasing. I really like this one

awesome job! (again!) ;p
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Pretty cool nice piece of art......666666666666666666666666666666
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I rekon she should be like mother nature or something because to me it looks like shes in the soil of a garden or something and her wings remind me a bit of leaves.
Amazing like alwayz.
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oo mabe Jinx unearthed, or Jinx awakened, Jinx Arisen
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Hmmm. Autumn Inferna?
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Oh wow, she's so emotive, awesome pose!!

I know it's way cliche but BellaDonna, or Nightshade, because she's beautiful and deadly, well she looks deadly, she may not be!
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I suggest you name her "Feuille du Feu" or in english "Fireleaf"
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I think she looks like she's plotting something evil with that smile but then she looks so beautiful at the same time so perhaps you could name her "Deception."
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woow I'm so glad you named your drawing "Terra Mágica" because is Latin and I am portuguese :D
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she looks like she's crawling from somewhere and she looks quiet dark at the same time so perhaps
'crawling from the dark'...? or
';pathway to light'..?

I dunno those are just ideas, nice drawing anyway :D
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oh my second idea was pathway to light ...but it seemed to make a face lol
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Great :) :clap:

my name is LEA
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