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Sadness of an angel

I've been working a lot on this drawing. The pose it based on a photo of a model (Heidi Klum)[link] I closed her eyes and mouth to fit the sad emotion I wanted. Also gave her different hair. The wings was quite the struggle and took a very long time but I am very happy overall with this drawing. Made with pencils from B-9B. Would love to hear your thoughts about it :)
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amazing! good job! :)
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beautiful...this picture almost breaths
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I like her wings.:)
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After the recent loss of my father, I have been touched by a living, breathing angel who was in essence a stranger to me, but befriended on FB through the current trend. She came out the darkness into my life to give me a light. It is something she has lived through, and with also. She saw my pain. She was an ear for listening while I talked to her in the beginning, and this has grown gently into conversation. Now I see her as this angel sadden, but also glowing with light & happiness, embracing every moment. I just want you to know that this picture captures her exactly as I would imagine her. I stumbled across it while looking for something completely different, as I did her! It is a beautiful piece. Thank you both for your time! Xx
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this is beautiful <3
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very beautiful
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she is missing more sadness though like a tear drop or some kind of pain in her face
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This is so beautiful.
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my fav´s are full of your pics.great work.i like her skin.very beautyful
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your work is very good:] i ca you do alot of angels i especially liked the one of owen graham i beleive is what it was called
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Beautiful. Just beautiful
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This is just gorgeous. I saw it in a acquaintances fav's and it just caught my eye. How beautiful, and how sad.

I think overall you have done a fabulous job. the hair and body is so well done. The feathers look like they took a lot of work. I think my only critique would be to perhaps darken them (feathers) up a bit as they near the bottom of the feather, the place where they attach to the wing. Many of those are underneath the tips of other feathers, and I feel like there would be a darker shadow there.

Still, beautifully done. Not sure I could even begin to come close.
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you have beautiful work! amazing drawing.
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Simply amazing!
I wish I'd be only half as good as you are.
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Woow.. I have this pic for years..and now I know who is the artist.. Wooow :D surprised :)
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You've been featured! :iconlovemoteplz: [link]
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You've got a lot of talent. . this is beautiful!! _Love it_
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featured your work here [link]
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