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Pug Dog Drawing

I can't believe I forgot to post this cute dog I did some months ago. The pug belongs to a friend from school and I just fell for what looks like a smile on her face :aww:
It took me a very long time to create as at first I had made the dark areas of her nose and mouth too light so I had to darken everything.

Available through my shop:…
All profit from the cards, prints etc. are donated to the Danish Animal Shelter, Dyrevaernet, who does an amazing job for the animals:
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J'adore fantastique =)
DarkValkyrie87's avatar
I swear this dog really IS smiling. Lol.
LindArtz's avatar
That smile is not only on her face but in her eyes too. This work is beyond adorable! :heart:
knegga's avatar
Beautiful drawing. Smiley pug :D
JollyJoltik's avatar
Mrs-SaxoBeat's avatar
That face is just too irresistable :love:
PoupeedeChair's avatar
Aww, she's so lovely :heart:
YoshiMastar's avatar
canno21's avatar
pugz is mah favouritz great job
Maria12345678901123's avatar
Reminds me of Pewds pet!Puga-Chan!!
lovepaws123's avatar
omfg ur so good!
MykieThomas's avatar
Do yo tke commissions by chance?
Zelarhie's avatar
He is up to something.... Watch out.
Beltaneh's avatar
What a lovely face :D
Xingyaru's avatar
Oh my god ! That's amazing ! I thought it was a photo for a while xD How did you draw that so realistically ? I can't even draw the fur well x)
saminaki2002's avatar
pug:HATERS GONNA HATE!!!!! idont know why but thats what that face reminds me of
ECatsie's avatar
I wuv pugs :3 and the art is amazing! X3
Retovian's avatar
if this could be cute, it would be declared a national weapon
nadjagarnet's avatar
ha! I love how you made those eyes light up to go with that smile :)
ace1729's avatar
He's smiling ;)
regenearg2's avatar
Very realistic :)
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