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Peaceful in your arms

Peacefully I lie here in your arms
The rest of the world dissappears for a moment
as I lay here with you

This drawing was rather difficult. My base for it was a episode of Lost, with kate and her boyfriend. However, she was smiling a bit and had opened eyes so I tried to make it look like she is sleeping. As if she just feel a sleep in the arms of her love, peacefully. I also changed the guy as the picture of him was so blurry as the focus was on her. And I didn't really like the look of the guy from the show so I tried to make him up and look a bit better.
It's not suppose to look like them in particular, I just fell in love with the pose as it gave me a story of a sweet love.

Made with my soft coal pencil.

:bulletpurple: Prints available here: [link]
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You did a wonderful job with this drawing.  It really spoke to me and perfectly depicted a feeling I've been trying to put into words.  Thank you!
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Hello :wave: Just wanted to let you know that your work has been featured on my page. Have a great day! [link]
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This is truly gorgeous!!:hug:
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this is just pure awesome
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it so :) wonderful
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love this photo, make me think of me and my boyfriend. ^^ good work!!!
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This is really beautiful. I really love your work :)
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Beautiful..... :)
I wrote a poem titled "In your arms" and this picture fits it very well. I am publishing a book and may be looking around for photos like this one. send me an email to so we can talk about possible collaboration. Thanks. You can read some of my poetry at [link]
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wonderful pencil work...
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Just so you know, when I saw the thumbnail for this photo, I thought it looked a lot like Kate and that was the reason I clicked on it. So you making her look like Kate was a success! Lol, I love the picture, and the show is amazing haha.
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simply amazing...
The best place ever is laying in my boyfriend's arms, my head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat.

It makes me feel at peace...restful, finally.

You amaze me.
I've never seen an artist such as yourself.
You are otherworldly.
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:wow: this is how i feel when im with my boyfriend... really awesome work!!!
wow I liked my drawings before i saw yours^^

you have talents!!!
this is amazing!
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I really love the mood.
It seems so silent and beautiful. Especially her expression is just beautiful♥
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