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Fade to one

This is a drawing I started some nights back. I had this add for watches which I found last year with my mom. There were some awesome pictures inside of close couples. After finally unpacking all things I found the paper again and decided to try some more couple drawings. I really love doing couples, the challenge of catching the tenderness between them.
I was actually to just do a check up scan of the drawing when suddently I felt the drawing had something special, being unfished and fading into white. I really like it this way, that's why I decided to post it as it is.
I am going to finish the drawing but thought this version is a piece as well.
I hope you like it, though it's a little different :)

Made with a soft charcoal.
25x40 cm/10x16"
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keya436's avatar Inspired by your image
CreativelyJeweled's avatar
I love this; it's so deeply passionate!
Wisienka15's avatar
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The fading to white always reminded me of the bottom part of a heart shape - it looks like it is meant to be that way. Like it a lot!
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hey, im publishing a book about struggles of life using poetry and art and would love to use this in my book. i will list your name and give you full credit. just tell me your name . thanks- randy stroud
Euphemia19's avatar
This gives me goosebumps. It's so beautiful and intimate yet somehow unintrusive. This is without a doubt the work of a master.
DevilisHeart's avatar
Perfect technique :) Congratz :) !
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wow this is amazing, I always wanted to draw something like this but I was never able too, at least not in this detail. Great job ^^
hisdarkdesire's avatar
This is wonderful! I actually looked at it, because I think you have the same model as :LuciferaCat: in her piece Kiss of Fire. I'm not blaming her for anything, I just think its interesting that the pictues are almost identical.
loughlin1's avatar
i really love your work and this is probably one of my favs
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Your amazing work has been featured here [link]
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I love the feeling evoked by the picture. Beautifully done.
Liebre-de-marzo's avatar
You really captured the tenderness, I'm truelly amazed. Congratulations.
tapsalotpanda's avatar
Absolutely amazing! I am sooooo jealous!
cristangel's avatar
beautiful... I just wondring what kind of pencil's you used, I mean I cant understand who you can make the shadows so perfect... But for sure I love it D
jubjade's avatar
the tenderness and passion is pouring out of this pic. absolutely amasing!
CanYouLoveMe's avatar
Your work is so realistic, I love all of your work!!! I'm an aspiring drawer too and I love to draw people...You have an amazing talent and I look forward to more drawings!

Thanks so much!!
grind-the-rust's avatar
I'm normally no fan of sentimental drawings of couples, which are, after all, a dime a dozen these days.
But one so painstakingly well executed both in terms of skill and in terms of conveying emotion in a way that maintains some non-postcard sincerity as what you've done here, simply can't be passed by. and so, I must give you a thumbs up *thumbs up*
ibjennyjenny's avatar
Your work has been featured [link]
Nikki-Phoenix-Rising's avatar don't know what to say.I've looked over your entire gallery and you are just like, amazing!!
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