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Dark Princess

By Zindy
This has been my project the past week. I haven't been drawing too much due to packing and a lot of commissions which needed to be done.

A while back I saw beautiful photo;… of Katie Holmes looking so beautiful yet with this indefinite look. I wanted to use it for a drawing but didn't have a special idea till some days back + I have been wanting to use her for a fantasy themed drawing. It doesn't resemble her perfectly but I feel it still has that Katie look.
I wanted her to be a bit princess like - a dark princess.

It was nice to use black and white again after all my coloured work lately.
Made with soft charcoal.
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© 2007 - 2021 Zindy
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I love this! I wanted to make sure it was okay that I put this image on my website with credit leading directly to this page? She looks like the humans in a book I'm writing, and would love to have a visual for my site. I will NOT be making any profit off of it, as it will just be on a page on…
Let me know if you're cool with this; if not, I can take the image down. :D
Keep drawing!
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Sure, you are welcome to do that,  I am glad you like her :aww:
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Absolutely amazing drawing!! I have wanted to draw like this forever but somehow it always messes up. This is beautiful. 😍
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her eyes are so strong! beautiful 
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I feel like she's staring in my soul. Fabulous job.
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Hey Zindy, I re-drew this pic and I was wondering if I can post it as long as I give you credit.
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This is cool, but why did you give me the link? *not being mean just curious*
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i think this pic is good
i just wan to help my friend...nice to meet u
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oh i see. nice to meet u too. i need the help as well haha
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This is HAND DRAWN? Holy. Freaking. Crap.
Excellent. Katie Holmes' beauty works very well for this type of art. You've created a nice combination of Katie and an original character.
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It looks soo real!
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DiD you draw this?? OMG
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