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Come into my world

Do you dare to come into her world?

I used a picture of my friend Helena as base for the drawing. However, she doesn’t look so evil in real life, she’s sweet looking :)
I wanted to make something mysterious kind of and daring, this is the result.
I wanted the drawing to have a unfinished look, and with very light areas to kind of fade out, against the very dark.

Made with my black ballpen.
40x30 cm

Prints available here, if interested: [link]
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© 2006 - 2021 Zindy
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tavington's avatar
Absolutely beautiful!
ElTheBlackRose's avatar
I seriously envy you! This drawing is amazing... :D
She doesn't actually look that evil, more sad or maybe she's longing for something?
Anyways... Great drawing, deserves compliments...

*Compliments* :lol:
MamaMiaLiz's avatar
The perspective of this is amazing! And I love the detail of the wings. And how you have the edges just fading out, beautiful!
SafetyInNumbness's avatar
Hello, I'd like to know if I could use this drawing for a poster I'm making about da? the poster will just generally be advertising da, and it's going to have a few pictures of some people's art on it, so I decided, seeing as I was looking around for some interesting pieces, if I could use this one? pretty please with a cherry on top!
Zindy's avatar
Hi, you are welcome to use my drawing for that. I'd love to see the result afterwards :)
SafetyInNumbness's avatar
no problem, I'll be uploading it onto here, so you can look for youself!
multicolour's avatar
wow, beautiful work!
evykurayami's avatar
I love it~~ !!! You're very good on it!!!
Congratulations~~!!! =333
Footomch's avatar
Your shadowing is always so outstanding. You have great perception of depth and how to portray it into a drawing.
oborohagane's avatar
fantastic dinamic..
dreutel's avatar
Wow Your really amazing *I mean your drawings :lmao: *
I wish
i could draw like you can..
HermioneStar's avatar
The perspective is amazing. I also like the unfinished look to it. It kind of looks soft :3
neonay's avatar
her hand and the perspective its freking good ,as for the shading with the pan ,really dont know how u manage that
cedricmoulin's avatar
Hummm. In front of the wall. You try a very hard perspective drawing here. It's very well done Zindy (dimensions, smooth, etc...).
Cicantrice's avatar
Simply amazing =) She doesn't look very evil though ;)
Jwebbie81's avatar
Wow, looks really good. I love how good you are with ink.
hadtaz34's avatar
you did a great job with the hand at that angle!
ShadowTheHedgehog16's avatar
:jawdrop: :jawdr:jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :wow: op: :jawdrop: :wow: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :jawdrop: :wow:

:faint: :faint: :faint:
thats sooo much amazing !!! :faint:
really really great D :D
Lainiexox's avatar
I like the messiness of the hair. You really did this effectively.
ScionLord's avatar
Nice work. I like it.
psstoff995's avatar
woaah nice point of view, looks real as usual. i really like the way shes reaching out the page
tvissoc's avatar
I love the perspective on this.
timmok's avatar
I'm impressed by the way you draw hair, whether it's roughly sketched or detailed you put all the shadows and highlights in the right places.
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