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Angel Tears

I haven't been drawing much lately. With the Easter came a lot of travelling to see family far away, a bit of partying + a lot of other things. However, I have been working on this on and off since the beginning of April.
The girl in the photo is from a photo I received to my latest winter contest. While it didn't fit a winter themed drawing I just loved the image and wanted to use it for one my angels. She had this beautiful look about her and I loved the pose.
I was aiming for a lighter and less detailed look, in the style of the angels I did in 2006. Most of the time I try to achieve more depth and stronger shading but I like the lightness some of my work had earlier, with the emotions being the main focus.
I feel I achieved that with this one. I tried a more vivid and different way of doing hair as well, making it look less "polished".
All in all I am happy with this one.

Reference can be seen at: [link]
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Beautiful and very detailed Give it to me

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very beauitiful and so detailed

Hola que tal?
Sabes que tengo una novela, y este dibujo se parece mucho a mi protagonista, me gustaria ponerme en contacto contigo, por que me interesaria que me hagas mas dibujos  y te pagaria, es hermosa.
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Get Your The Mighty Lemon Drops Like An Angel Tee Shirt @…
I'm writing a book, and I saw one of your pieces online in my search for a cover page. Would it be alright with you if I used it? The book might never get published, but you have to start somewhere.
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Really good artwork, the way you're drawing is really awesome... Go to see my artworks, you'll probably like my portraits !
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I hate to say this, but your work is being stolen by an art thief on this site by the name of GaMzEeMaKaRa333 here…
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I love the work by Zindy. I'm becoming a huge fan. In fact, Zindy's art has inspired be to start drawing again. I had stopped drawing for several years. The last picture I drew was five years ago. I'm so rusty, its like I have to relearn everything again. Lol.
 Zindy, do you have an art advice for people reading this? What tools do you use? (I favor Prismacolor, among other tools. Which, you can view by visiting my page. [ I don't have any of my own work uploaded yet, though.])
 When you add color, Zindy, do you do it digitally, or with good old fashioned colored pencils? :) I'd love to hear back from you. :) :) :)
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Hi I'm a big fan of your work I was wondering if I could use this photo in a story I wrote. I WILL CREDIT YOU!! Your art is similar to my main character (in the beginning she was small but halfway through she grows older)

Here is my story:…

my facebook:

Thanks :) 

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absolutely amazing, I can only hope to be able to draw this good someday! <333
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beautiful !!!  Heart +fav 
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What kind of drawing utensils do you use? 
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absolutely love it 
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Really beautiful, love it!!
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This is Absolutly amazing
U had me crying. :)
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This is absolutely magnificent. I can only hope to someday be as good as someone that can draw like this, capturing every piece of emotion and detail. It's beautiful.
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wow, very beautiful and soulfull
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This is beautiful
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Wow she beautiful!!! :)
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