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Zelda Theme for Rainmeter 1.0

A Rainmeter theme based on the Legend of Zelda, Ocarina of Time. Dock with 6 buttons in resemblance to the button setup in the game. Rupee counter functions as a clock, with a optional analog date face. Resource monitor was written by JpsCrazy. I only rewrote a bit of it. Measures Hard drive space, CPU, Ram, Net in and out with the hearts, and the magic bar measures battery level. The music player is a program CD Art Display, with a skin I made. The skin is included in the .rar, the program is not.

This is a work in progress

Credit for system moniter goes to JpsCrazy, and aditional credit for giving me the idea to make this.

Update: For those having issues, this was made on a older version of Rainmeter, and I've yet to update it. I'll get to it as soon as time allows.
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What version of rainmeter were you using, if you dont mind me asking?^^
... i cannot get it to fit into the rainmeter system thing ... but i like the idea of a zelda rainmeter skin ...

*wink wink* *looks at name* *wink wink* :) :) :)
keep up the good work!!! :P :) :P
This is AMAZING!!! I just want it for my google chrome background... is there any way i can do this?

how download? :/ i want so bad
I'm having so much trouble getting this to work D: I'm new to this all and I REALLY want this o_o
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This is really awesome! I managed to get it working but can't move the dock to fit my screen vertically and not sure how you change the widgets. Can't wait for the update!
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EPIC no other words can discribe this just wish it could work..... time to make it work
How do I change the links on the dock to different stuff, the computer I am using this on doesn't have starcraft 2 (nor can it run it)
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When are you planning on updating this?
I really love it and am kind of excited to get it on my desktop.
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Seeing as ur so excited i went ahead and got it working[link]
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Oh my goodness, THANK YOU SO MUCH!! I was so happy when I first found it, disappointed when it wouldn't work, and now I'm excited again!!
Hahaha thank you once again!
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glad to hear it i think i might have finnaly worked out most of the kinks just one thing b4 i upload a working version ur gonna have to change a few things on it to get it to work for you but its just somthing simple that anyone can do i should have it up in less than a week
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how do you get this to work?
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it would take a while to explain but i can try to make a link for every one of the one i got working
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little tweek and viola
Hey. I was wondering if I could possibly get link to the working one? or at least a vague tutorial on how to fix it? If not that's cool. But if so it'll be greatly appreciated. :D
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Any idea when this will be done?
I'd really love this to be a skin on my computer
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i'm with synthetic rose. i don't quite know how to get it to work. course i'm prolly a noob at it compared to them.. but please help other than that it's an amazing skin.
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This is amazing!! <3

It's a work in progress? Please finish it, haha. Seriously, it's fantastic.
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